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Funky Rico Inc matches the creative and innovative spirit embodied here at GloberDesign. With its amazing assortment of accessories we were more than happy to help bring to life the designs for packaging of the Bondi. It was also a pleasure to help support the development of the website for the Bondi and its host of companion products.

iphone case manufacturingThe Bondi

What the heck is a Bondi you ask? Well, you are in for treat. The Bondi is an innovative approach to keeping your phone on you no matter where you are, or what you are doing. The Bondi firmly grasps your phone and allows you to hang it from virtually anything. You can hang it from your belt loop, your rearview mirror, the treadmill handle; you can hang it just about anywhere!

Example of Patent Drawing made by GloberDesign
Example of Patent Drawing made by GloberDesign

I have pockets…what do I need the Bondi for?

Have you ever tried running intervals with a phone in your pocket? Matter of fact, do you even have pockets in your gym clothes? We are getting off the subject here. The fact is that the Bondi gives you the convenient option of hanging your phone up just about anywhere. It is a more practical option than tossing your phone in your back pocket.

phone case product developmentHow can the Bondi help me?

For starters it can save you a ton of fuss when trying to locate your phone. Think about a time when you may have tossed your phone in your purse only to have it disappear in to some bottomless abyss. You fish around the bottom of your bag until you’re so frustrated you figure you must have left it somewhere else. That is until you hear it ring…from inside your bag. It’s in there alright. Good luck finding it when you need it! The Bondi eliminates this problem by allowing you to hook it to a purse or backpack handle, in plain view. Problem solved!

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