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Patent Design

Choosing The Right Type of Patent

In today’s complex world, every inventor should have a basic understanding of patents. Without this knowledge, they will be unable to protect their inventions or defend themselves against lawsuits from other firms. At GloberDesign, our team understands the need of keeping your idea or invention protected. We recommend protecting your intellectual properties prior to revealing…

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Most Common Patent Application Mistake

Each year, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office typically processes well-over 600,000 patent applications. On average, only 55 percent of applications get submitted receive patents. The patent application process is by no means easy or straightforward. Even inventors and businesses that take a well-researched and thorough shot at registering a patent can run into unforeseen…

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A Closer Look At Patent Illustrations

When patenting an invention, patent drawings must be included. These drawings are the first draft of the application and may include an illustration of the invention itself, or of some aspect of its creation or construction. Whether you plan on applying for a utility patent, a design patent, or even a provisional patent application, the…

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