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The thing with making a particular product is the fact that it is not a one step thing. There are a zillion other things attached to it. It begins at the inception of the idea of creating something, but from that moment on, it just grows on and on. There is no end to it. It is a continuous process which is underway on a number of levels. This is the reason why a manufacturing unit has so many sectors dealing with the various issues attached to the process of introducing a certain product in the market. One such aspect is that of package designing which is an industry in itself.

Now the time period beginning at the creation of a certain product and extending up to the time when it reaches the hands of the customer is one in which the product goes through a lot of changes in space, some of which might be comfortable but most of which is what can off-handedly be called, rough. Therefore, for it to survive those adversities, it is absolutely essential for it to be well packaged.

A good package design ensures not just the fact that the product is safe and well protected, but also makes sure that there is no compromise on the attractiveness of the particular product. It must be such that the customer be drawn to it and not be upset after opening the first layer of it. The packaging design therefore should be both efficient and attractive.