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GloberDesign has a reputation for its premium quality product designs and illustrations. We have a good record of satisfied clientele worldwide, who have immensely liked and favored our innovative creations. So, if you are looking for a trustworthy online shop that can turn your imagination into creation, be assured it’s us, and please feel free to contact us.

What is a patent?

A patent is an exclusive right given to the inventor to protect his invention or creation from the clutches of other individuals or organizations. Having a product patent right restricts other person or organization from the right to replicate the invention. After patenting a product, no one, except the owner of the patent, has the right to sell or import the product.  In case of any infringement, the inventor can take the accused to Court and charge copyright violations against him.

A positive reason for patenting the idea or product is that one can get monetary value in return.

GloberDesign offers different patent drawings work

GloberDesign offers a wide range of services to its clientele. We have a host of professional designers who take utmost care of any patent drawings related works like patent drawings, provisional applications, utility patent, design patent, trademark and copyright.

GloberDesign’s role in Product Patenting

There are various stages that the inventor has to go through before the product gets patented under the US laws. Expert attorneys which work with GloberDesign always stick to the inventor’s side till the end of all the formalities and procedures.

The first stage is the US patent search. It gives a suggestion on whether the product should be patented or not.

In the second step, GloberDesign drafts the patent drawings and sends it to a patent agent which reviews it and sends it to US Patent Office. The Company also files a letter favouring the inventor’s product patent.

 In the third step, GloberDesign provides the inventor with a patent drawing that gives a graphic illustration of the product through art and sketches. Patent drawing is mandatory in the US law as it helps the judiciaries understand the relevance of the product. GloberDesign team takes effective care of every nitty-gritty details of patent drawing procedure.

GloberDesign can provide you with a 3 dimensional layout of the product patent. The 3d modeling is far better than the 2d designs as it gives a better view to the product patent. It helps the observer easily understand the ideas involved in making the object and also the operations involved in the product.

Other patents include provisional patent, utility patent and design patent. Provisional application requires an early filing date and can be later used for filing a utility patent. A design patent is given to the inventor to patent the look and design of the product. There is not much difference between design and utility patent.

Why to choose GloberDesign?

Globerdesign cares about your innovation. It believes in providing complete protection to a creation that is exclusive yours. And this is why we encourage our clients to get intellectual property protection of their work before releasing the product in the market.