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Gone are the days when you had to rush back and forth between different companies, hardly understanding the business lingo, various facts and figures, to create the product you had in mind. With GloberDesign, the exhausting number of stages that go in formulating a product are all compressed essentially into one as the company takes care of every aspect of production. Formulating a product just became easier because all you have to do now if get the idea and GloberDesign will take care of the rest.

This product design company was started by famous industrial designer, Jonathan Globerson. Located in North Miami Beach, Florida, GloberDesign is a pioneer in the industrial designer field as it deals with your idea from the basic stages of sketching to the final manufactured item. The company understands that while you may have the next hot product that will enter the market, you might not have a clue as to marketing strategies, packaging, or patent rights. For this reason, we handle the business side of things and you can rest easy in the knowledge that your idea is in capable hands.

Equipped with team members who are at experts in their field, GloberDesign offers a variety of services depending on the needs of your product. If you want someone to draw out your design, we will provide people to create concept sketches or if you have sketches but need a more realistic view of your idea, our 3D CAD team will come up with an adequate design. Moreover, GloberDesign’s services do not just stop there. We provide Patent Agents, software developers, industrial engineers, and marketing specialists just to name a few, so that your idea will get the right start as it enters the market.

GloberDesign recognizes that different clients have different needs. For this reason, whether you would prefer manufacturing your product on a small scale or would rather go into mass production, our company will make sure you get the desired result. In addition, GloberDesign has factories all over the globe including USA and China which ensures that your product will get the best manufacturing services available.

We have a wide range of clients who have seen their ideas come to life through our extensive range of services. For instance, Feedbox which gives companies the feedback of their customers in realtime through cellular networking has used GloberDesign in its development and now is experiencing a great deal of success. Similarly, GloberDesign was instrumental in the themes used for Coca Cola Israel’s recycling stores where products were made from used Coca Cola bottles, boxes, etc. Yet another example is Vapor Corp which deals in electronic cigarettes and has used Globerdesign’s product designing services. There are many more examples and all these customers have been thoroughly satisfied with their experience at GloberDesign.

Formulating an idea and actually seeing it as a product in the market are two very different realities. With GloberDesign, however, you will find this experience a hassle free one and can make sure that you are not stopped by needless hurdles in achieving your dream.