Tell Your Product Story in the Simplest Way via Our 3d Animation Services

At GloberDesign, we provide the best 3d animation services. Our 3d studio has expertise in a wide assortment of animation services. We are the ones to approach if you want to present a finished or an unfinished product design stunningly.

We communicate efficiently with our customers to ensure that our final animation video meets the initial vision of their project. Our professional animators can turn simple product ideas into striking 3d diagrams, cartoons, and movies.

No matter how you intend to use your animated content, GloberDesign specialists have perfect solutions for you. We have a record in the industry for putting thorough detail into the content we design and present.

What is 3d Product Animation?

It is the process of making photo-realistic animations to demonstrate a product from different angles. The animator can explain everything about a product with an animated 3D design. It does not matter whether the product is new or old. We can even do a video animation for product packaging.

We can represent your product or its packaging most creatively and stunningly. We can also bring an idea of a proposed product to life through 3d art and animation. Using our talented services game art artists, you can demonstrate every feature of your unfinished, new, or existing product. You can also display a realistic view of your product or packaging before the manufacturing work begins.

At GloberDesign, we accept all kinds of products. From engineering to medical to game development projects, our professionals have done and seen it all. They can turn even an imagined product idea into a practical animation video.

Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept

Who Can Choose our 3d animation Services?

Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept

We serve different classes of users. First, we deal with innovators who can create great product ideas but have no immediate financial ability to implement them. Even without raw materials, such innovators can hire our product animators to create a graphic representation of their idea.

A series of product idea animations can illustrate how the final product would look like. After viewing it, a few investors might crop up to sponsor the product development phase.

Next, we deal with marketers of all kinds who require marketing tools and content. We create videos for B2B marketing. A marketer looking to promote a newly launched product can choose our 3d animation services too.

Through our development team’s efforts, marketers can make clips that can become a powerful sales tool. They can send these videos to their prospects or add them to a computer presentation.

We meet all sorts of businesses looking for quality 3d product animations. We have a team that services game development industry. Hence, we get a lot of quotes from companies looking to hire game designers.

Apart from game testing and design businesses, we receive quotes from entities in B2B and the education sector. We can create demos to help simplify complex concepts in engineering and other fields of education.

Young confident female designer talking to her colleague with blue plastic object printed on 3d printing machine

Advantages of buying 3D product animation services

Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept
  • Marketing – Many people are familiar with typical marketing approaches and tools. So, they may not give a hoot when they come across them. However, being the visual beings’ humans are, they will spend a minute or more viewing an animated product video.
  • Simplifies complex products – A theory representation of complex concepts or products can bring boredom. Stationery pictures and diagrams are better than text, but they are still insufficient. Thus, 3d animation method is the best for demonstrating complex product ideas or finished products. Animation videos for complex products make the best first impressions.
  • Educates customers - As a product manufacturer and founder, only you can understand it better than everyone. But because you want to sell your product, it is necessary to help other people understand it. Together with our experts, we can make excellent video clips for your customers. These can help them view and understand your product’s features and functions.
  • Educating your dealers – If dealers will successfully sell your product, they must comprehend it well. We do not doubt that you can arrange training for all your dealers. However, this move can be time-consuming and expensive. A better idea would be to make 3d animated content for self-learning. Once you share it by email or through an app, you can focus on other marketing efforts.
  • Reduce your advertising budget – Normally, businesses use people to describe different features of a product and show how they work. But, after introducing 3d video animations, the same companies can stop relying on human workers to explain the same thing again.
Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept
Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept
  • Animated content is easy to update – When using animated product videos, you can update or edit them easily. Dealers of software products release new features now and then. Adding such features to existing animated content is not hard at all. Nevertheless, if you must shoot an actual video to add a feature to a product, would cost you more money and time.
  • Easy to share and distribute product information – If you manufacture a product that requires assembling and installation, you can simplify the task with 3d product animations. Once dealers and customers view your clips, they can do the task without bothering your engineers with endless questions. Again, they can avoid making several mistakes during installation.
  • Simplify training for your field workers – Your field employees do not have to attend physical sessions to learn how a new product function. Our high-quality 3d animation services can shorten their learning phase. They can also refer to the same videos on their mobile when they want to clarify something in the future.

Our top three 3d animation technologies

One reason why our 3d animation services are popular is that we use the most advanced animation technologies. They include the following:



To tell your stories most sensibly, we use one of the most acceptable 3d animation techniques. This is known as Maya. Thanks to Maya,

Improved Quality Control


This is an open-source instrument for creating 3d models and animations. Ideal for premium model rendering, Blender is complex to learn but accurate at what it does.

Continuous flow of new ideas


Thanks to Zbrush, our guys feel confident to deliver striking models and images. It is superior software that allows our artists to create any 3d environments our clients would want.

Our 3 Product Design animation process

The reason why people hire game developers from GloberDesign, again and again, is not only because they have diverse design knowledge. Our artists also follow a logical product design animation process. It entails the following:

  • 3D visualization – We inspire audiences to follow your business with entertaining 3D videos that feature elegant designs and visual effects. But we must visualize it first.
  • VFX – The next step of our 3d animation service includes adding stunning VFX. These visual effects are the best way to garnish the stories in films, commercials, or videos. Editing – We do this post-production work to make animated content amazing.
  • Concept and storyboards – To represent your product most logically, our professionals must use their creativity and imagination to create concepts. After that, they must use their wit to convert concepts into storyboards.
  • 3d modeling– We now must mold and shape our creative concepts on 3d screens.
Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept
Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept
  • Adding texture – This step involves stacking 2D images, designing them, and then adding textures to them to turn them into 3D models. Our guys are no saint when it comes to texturing work.
  • Rigging – The art of creating a skeleton that can yield to animation commands is known as Rigging. At this stage, we breathe life into a character.
  • Animation – Here our team makes an object move in amusing ways.
  • Lighting – To bring a scene to life, we must use lighting. After lighting the scene, we can present your product animations most uniquely and convincingly.
  • Camera settings – We must activate camera settings such as zooming and panning in our projects.
  • Rendering –Our animation services also include Rendering. It is a crucial stage when finishing our 3D animation process. 
  • Compositing – This phase includes editing, incorporation of special effects, and retouching the work to ensure it is perfect. 
  • Music –How boring can our service be without this step? Imagine watching a video animation that has no sound. The dedicated group of professionals at GloberDesign cannot let this happen. We add a soundtrack and sound effects; as well as; adjust ensure the sounds suit the project we are doing. 
  • Editing the outcome –We now come to the final stage where our workers must review every part of this process to remove mistakes if any. After this step, our animation is ready for the owner.
Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept

Who makes up our team?

As diverse experts, our company renders many services. From animation to game testing game work, businesses and individuals hire us every day. Our game is top-notch, and it is all because we have a reliable workforce. We are the company game designers hire when they have complex products to feature in commercials, social media pages, or elsewhere. Without further ado, here our game designers hire staffs.

Art director

This is the professional who oversees current and future animation endeavors. They have full control of the process in their hands to ensure that all customers get satisfaction. Ideally, an art director has a lot of experience in video production and game design work. Lastly, they make sure that our service delivery is per current industry trends.

Technical artists

These are not your ordinary artists. They usually come between artists and game developers hire staff during video games designing and development work. They have artistic and technical skills, which typical artists do not have. So, they identify and remove technical hitches concerning the use of digital art assets.


These are junior staffs that have the responsibility of creating characters and virtual environments in 3D. Via the guidance of the lead artist, they bring sketches, diagrams, and other content to life. These professionals know how to use colors and other effects to create stunning digital assets and models for 3D video animation. Many people search for us over and over because of our talented artists.

Project manager

They have proper knowledge of all aspects of the product that needs animations. Also, they know what is in every stage of product development and are therefore the right person to create project goals. They also have the power to control deadlines and the entire implementation process.

A project manager ensures that every member of our team has a task to do at any given time. Lastly, this expert guide and motivates the artists to deliver results under the requirements of our clients.

Lead animator

Although we have many animators, only one is a leader of the group. Our lead 3d animator must strategize and organize the work for team members. It is also up to them to ensure that the work satisfies the preset quality standards.

They have to offer direction according to the instructions of a client. A lead animator most importantly mentors everyone to work thoroughly and quickly to meet the client’s deadlines.

Types of product animation jobs we can do for you

Since its inception, GloberDesign has exploited every growth opportunity that came our way. We do plenty of animation work that has to do with product design. Our team has enabled us to be the designer of choice for several businesses in the US.

We get repeat jobs in places like GA, Denver, Boston, New York, Phoenix, Chicago, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Aventura, and Los Angeles, and so on. It is all because we excel in all that we do. So, feel free to hire us for:

  • Explainer videos – For all complex products, we can create an animated video with simplified directions on how to use its features and other things. We will make your message effective, unforgettable, and persuasive by showing it to people in a manner they can understand.
  • Social media videos – To skyrocket your social media engagement, you can use our 3d animation services today. United as a band, our artists can create compelling cartoon videos that can leave your followers salivating for more. We make videos that your followers cannot resist sharing.
  • Commercial videos – We are here to help you generate product commercials that will linger in your clients’ minds forever. We can be the best storyteller for you when creating commercials for TV or the internet. Remember you only have a few minutes to show what you got. Let our service officers offer their help to you.
  • Corporate videos – Static commercials do not work effectively anymore when you want to grab the attention of your target audience. To create a better brand for your company, you need our help. Our 3d animation services entail making animated corporate videos that do not only inform but also engage the audience.
  • Game development and Games art – We offer full-cycle game development game services that entail creating a game from the beginning. We can also co-develop with you if you run short of the necessary manpower.
Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept
Multi-Discipline Mechanical Engineering Services

We have competent 2D and 3D artists, designers, and programmers who can oversee every development game development teams want to create. Make sure you contact us if you want us to lead a hand and ensure your game designing process is successful.

Are you looking for game art game artists who can help you with your 2d and 3d art projects? We are not only the best technical specialists when it comes to games art. We excel in making the most vibrant and stunning 3D characters.

Consult us if looking for the most realistic 3D models, 3D environment designs, 3D characters and props, and 3D concept arts, and more. We are excellent game developers who create games for PC, mobile devices, and consoles.

What can we promise you?

At GloberDesign, we can promise you the following things:

  • We have a huge multidisciplinary team. Each professional in our crew has unique skills to offer. Together we summarize our customer’s imaginations into lovely and engaging visuals.
  • Practical experience – Unrivaled experience is one of the reasons why GloberDesign wins new projects and gets repeat jobs. Our guys have the adequate experience they have gathered from diverse industries.
  • We go a mile further – We touch and include all the nuances and shades you want to see in your videos. By going the extra mile to satisfy our clients, we have earned a good reputation all over the US. We go beyond your expectations to ensure you also get value for your money.
  • Transparency – Our pricing model has no hidden charges. We are upfront about our video animation and game development fees. Once we compute your fees based on your project requirements, we will give you the whole fees structure.
  • Tailored services – Businesses are different, and their needs are unique. We promise to tailor our services to suit your specific requirements. Again, we will involve you in every stage of the project to offer you peace of mind.
Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept

What should you provide to help us start working?

Patented Products

We will start working on your project when you provide the following:

  • Complete information of your product so we can understand its development cycles, features, and more
  • Any idea you have about the animation part. Do you want us to animate the product in a particular way? Simply let us know so we can recall it when working
  • Any visual clauses you might specifically want to show in the finished product animation video
  • Any camera settings you want us to consider
  • A specific music tune or soundtrack you want to feature in your animation
  • Any colors you want to use to represent your brand well.

To summarize, feel free to contact us for any game development and 3d animation services.

We have a super quick and efficient customer care service department. When you call us, you will get an effective response immediately.

We are also ready to answer any questions you may have about our product design and animation work.

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