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3D Modeling, Visualisation and Printing for Practicial Product Designs


Marketing helps aid your product in reaching a particular targeted audience. And in a competitive industry without the right form of marketing it is likely that your product will fail at selling. Fortunately, in addition to product design and development services, GloberDesign can handle all of your marketing needs by implementing effective techniques that will ensure you get the necessary exposure your product requires. In order for a product to develop and grow, it is important to have an effective marketing strategy in place, and that’s where our team comes in.

Product Design


  • Performs thorough, detailed market research for your product

  • Offers logo creation, web design, 3D Printing Service and other effective product marketing services

  • Our team implements effective marketing tactics to better attract potential customers

  • We can help improve your product through research and development and help garner long-term loyalty

  • We have years of experience marketing products to a wide variety of audiences

  • We have an established understanding of how to increase demand for products

3D Printing DesignsGlober Design Offers 3D product design as part of our product design services. 3D Modeling helps better understand the nature of an object or space. With the use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), the virtual layout of any product or specific spatial space can be better grasped and conceived to an end result. By using this sort of method, visualization, and alteration of any given model of a product or space can become much easier. A designer can utilize these sorts of programs to deliver a virtual prototype that is much more tangible than any 2D model. Furthermore, an animated 3D model can display all of the outlines and details down to the fine points and therefore give a client a better understanding of the end result product.

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Visualize Your Idea With 3D Modeling

The benefits of a 3D model in comparison to a 2D model are great. A 2D model only represents the outline of the product. With a 3D model, though, exact measurements can be applied and used throughout the whole design process, including every single part of the product. Furthermore, the product could be viewed in any desired angle through rotating the design in any direction in the XYZ axle.

Designers who have access to 3D CAD software and a 3D studio max — or Solidworks — can create digital files of a product that are an exact 1:1 scale and can be used to accurately manufacture the end product. These kinds of software programs generate a 3D model or object through the use of different geometric variables that are implemented manually, algorithmically or through scans. In order to produce a 3D model, a designer must use effective camera work, character modeling, and rendering in order to create a proper model.

Companies and businesses which want a highly accurate animated model that can demonstrate the uses of their products should try getting a 3D model rendering. Such a model can deliver just the right display of a product and even exceed expectations. A 3D model may also display moving parts and core functionality of the product. Moreover, a production of a prototype through the process of 3D modeling and the creation of digital blueprint plans of the product offers a quick and cost-effective way to turn an idea into a real tangible product in no time at all.

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If you are looking for a professional, educated and creative product design firm that can utilize the technologies of 3D modeling from the start of the design process to its end, then search no further. GloberDesign will facilitate all your needs for designing a product for the very start of the concept, through all the stages until the end product. We transform ideas into reality through professional knowledge and experience. For more information, request a free quote today!

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