Design Your Patent

GloberDesign offers full-service assistance for our clients. We work with the most professional patent attorneys and patent agents in the market. A design patent can come in handy to many businesses, and our team can help you with the filing process to ensure that the design of your product is protected.

What is a Design Patent?

A design patent is given to the creator for how an invention looks. These patents are unique as they are only given when something new is created. Take in consideration that only the appearance of the device is protected.

Development process and materials used are not important in this patent, only the look and design of the invention are taken into consideration. Design patents can last up to fifteen (15) years.

The design patent is only concerned with how the creation looks the aesthetics of it all. In order for a design to be patented, it has to be one-of-a-kind and reproducible.  A one-of-a-kind design is so unique that the inventor has to persuade the Patent Office that is the first and only of its kind. A reproducible design is one that is created through artistic and technical skills or a particular method.

Other Considerations

The design and utility patent goes hand in hand. A design patent is only issued in cases where a utility patent will also be given, so in the end, both the product and its design will be protected.

A plethora of design patent examples can be found in the technology industry.  Remember that what has been patented is not the program capabilities, but the entire aesthetics and the look of the interface.

A program that duplicates a file can be written by almost anyone. A design patent can secure one way of showing deleted files. As the rise of new technology increases, computer companies seek for more and more technical methods in protecting the look of their inventions. For example the iMac, this computer has both a design and utility patent.

As stated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the design is a composition that consists of the visual patterned attributes embodied in or is related to, a piece of work. Artwork such as design is demonstrated through its illustration. The whole purpose for a design patent to be used is its connection to the design and structure of creation, the look of the design, or a combination of both.