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GloberDesign as the name suggests is a product design company and is one of the best of its field. In addition, it also can handle your product’s marketing, prototyping, etc if you so choose. Globerdesign works to integrate the different factors that go into product design such as texture, visual appeal, and its functions. With our team of experts, we will show you how to design a new product.

Product Design

You might think that if a product is good enough, it will sell no matter what. However, the design of the product can have a huge impact on the product’s perceived value in the eyes of investors and buyers. As Globerdesign  shows you how to invent a new product, our team will stick to a goal of keeping the design cost efficient, maximizing the use of the materials used, and making sure that the design will boost sales. Prior to starting the design, our team will do extensive research which covers the areas of patents, surveys of consumers, and the industry of your product. This will guide them in understanding how to design a new product that will exactly suit the needs of the market. There are many ways in which a product can be designed and we can help in each of these.

You may have an idea that sounds good in theory but when you try to put it down on paper, it loses its magic. In such a scenario, GloberDesign’s team can make concept sketches to help your realize the physical version of your idea. With our industrial design sketching, you will be able to see possible drawbacks of your product and correct them before they are manufactured. Sketching can be helpful in a wide range of products from electronic gadgets to construction of buildings. Another aspect of designing is the 3D model which lets you familiarize yourself with the texture and space your product will use. Our company uses Computer Aided Design to create a realistic virtual experience of your product. This is particularly helpful when showing the product to potential clients who will understand the product a lot better with a 3D model.

GloberDesign is well known for its mechanical engineering which is one of the pivotal parts of designing your product. Mechanical engineering, though seemingly unimportant because it is less known, deals with important aspect of designing like thermodynamics, structural analysis, and kinematics. Yet another aspect is the computer aided drafting that is used to create a solid 3D form of your project which can be rotated to angle or viewed from the inside. It is crucial to determine the materials that need to be used or the tolerance of the object. It is helpful to spot flaws in the design which allows you to prevent wastage of time and money that would have gone in manufacturing a faulty device.

There are many ways to develop your product and with GloberDesign’s expert and holistic services, you can make sure your idea receives the utmost attention.