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Securing your patents require patent preparation. With a reputable patent drawing services company, you can get your first patent drafting. It's a critical process that requires a team of professionals. At GloberDesign, we employ the best professionals who take a comprehensive view of each drawing because of the potential to impact your business goals – short or long-term.

Patent drawing involves a complex process. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of several rules, scientific subject matter, associated statistics, understanding, and precise explanation of the idea or invention.

When it comes to filing a patent application, you need to include drawings that clearly depict the function and intention of your invention. This would help ascertain the scope of your claim. Therefore, your patent drawings must have adequate views to illustrate your invention while covering the patent claim completely.

It’s a tedious process. We make that process easy by ensuring that your drawings are both accurate and formatted correctly. Give us a trial today and see the magic we perform with that idea.

GloberDesign Patent Drawing Services

GloberDesign offers a different range of technical services to help bring your idea to life. We have deep engineering roots, which enables us to understand the technicality of your invention. Our services include:

Design Patent Drawings

Design patent drawings are the only source that protects your invention. Therefore, it is essential to include every aspect of your ideas in a drawing. This would help to clarify any request application. We offer design patent drawings services to help cover the design of your inventions.

Utility Patent Drawings

When filing a utility patent application, it is crucial to have utility patent drawings. When you include a utility patent drawing during your application, it shows you intend to provide a concise picture of your idea to the patent's office for better understanding. In other words, you want them to conceptualize your idea.

Trademark Drawings

GloberDesign trademark drawings provide a mark that enables you to submit your patent and trademark application. It is necessary to employ a highly professional team to handle your trademark drawings. We have skilled patent illustrators that will perfectly represent your idea in a drawing.

Why Choose GloberDesign Patent Drawing Services

Our patent drawing services are personalized to meet the needs of patent lawyers and agents. We have provided a cost-effective, fast, and reliable patent illustration to numerous clients throughout the years. Our testimonials from these clients are enough reasons why we have earned 100% trust. We have an adequate patent drawings portfolio where you can see some of our samples.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Our patent drawing experts are trained and experienced to handle any patent drawings you desire. It doesn't matter how complicated it is; we always adhere to the regulations of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Businessman using a computer to document Compliance to Standards, Concept about conformity with manager or auditor pressing buttons with icons.
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Up-to-date technology and cutting-edge software

We stay abreast with the latest in the Patent Drawing industry and adapt to the latest technologies and software. Despite providing patent drawings in several industries, we specialize in providing IP drawings for clients in the mechanical engineering, biotech, electrical engineering, and medical fields.

Experienced Team of Professionals

Our professional patent illustrators have the experience to meet all your stringent requirements. We will draft your invention in time to perfection as GloberDesign has submitted over a hundred patent drawings to USPTO. We offer nothing short of quality for your utility patent drawing.

Experienced Team of Professionals

GloberDesign Patent Drawing Services Process

GloberDesign offers the best patent drawing service around Miami. We provide affordable patent drawing services. Our utmost priority is to provide a cost-effective and comprehensive trademark and patent drawing that matches your business goals. To ensure we provide the best patent drawing for our clients, here is how our patent drawing services process looks like

Industry Standard Compliance

Share your idea

Every idea has an originator – you know the how and what of the idea. The first step involves sharing your idea with our team. Your idea can be in any form, including video, prototype, drawing sketch, provisional patent, or PDF.

Highly qualified and certified engineering team

Understanding your project requirements

Once you accept the project order or quote, our team of professionals will start your project. In addition, they will be available to answer any questions you have regarding the project.

State of the art Infrastructure

Submission of drawings

Deadlines are sacred for us. Therefore, we ensure to keep to whatever dateline we provide and avoid repetition because we firmly adhere to requirements. Nevertheless, if you are unsatisfied with the outcome, we are ready to provide any revision necessary.

GloberDesign is the Solution

Patented Products

GloberDesign is a top-notch patent drawings company that specializes in transforming people's ideas and inventions into reality. We create designs for your ideas and prepare patent drawings using the latest technology and software. We have a team of patent draftsmen, computer workers, and engineers to ensure your design meets every standard. You can check our patent drawing portfolio for some of our unique designs.

With our service docketing services, we can manage your documents and deadlines related to your trademark and patent application process. We collaborate with the best law firms to handle your patent application process considering the hectic process. We will get your work completed as quickly as possible.

3D Modeling of Your Patent

3D modeling is one of the most critical services that GloberDesign has to offer. It is far superior to 2D modeling: The observer can quickly grasp the spatial concepts involved and see how the new machine is supposed to operate. In addition, the exact measurements of the invention can be outlined much better. The development of computers and the Internet has vastly expanded and modified how patent drawings may be made.

The many companies that have used GloberDesign’s services bear witness to how effective and excellent they really are. These clients include companies from every sphere of the business world, ranging from the fan-cooling Power Breezer to Coca-Cola Israel!

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