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Patent Drawings Services with Cutting-Edge Technology

Present Your Invention in a Convincing Way with Our Patent Sketches

Representing your ideas visually rather than textually is worthwhile for a variety of reasons and the same concept applies to patent applications. While the patent drawing standards at the USPTO have become less strict in recent years, a patent drawing is still an essential part of a successful utility patent application. With GloberDesign's professional patent drawings service, you will be able to present your invention in a much more convincing and effective manner and have more success with your patent application.

Product Development


  • Years of experience producing high-quality patent drawings

  • We have a team of skilled patent illustrators

  • We use cutting-edge software to deliver exceptional drawings

  • Our patent drawings comply with all standards of USPTO and other patent offices

  • We can create a patent drawing from concept sketches (diagrams, figures, etc.), prototypes, and CAD models

Professional Patent Illustration Services For Inventors

GloberDesign is a product design company that specializes in helping people to make designs for their inventions and prepare patent drawings, using the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technology. We have a team of engineers, computer workers, patent draftsman
and others that are ready to help clients at every step of the way, from product design and prototyping to web design and marketing.

What is a Patent Drawing?

Patent drawings are a set of illustrations showing the precisely detailed features of an invention or idea submitted during the patent application process. These drawings may include an illustration of the invention itself, or of some aspect of its creation or construction.

Requirements For Patent Drawing

The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) requires that every patent application is submitted with at least one patent drawing of the proposed invention when an illustration is necessary to fully understand the invention. The practice of patent drafting is over a hundred years old; there is a drawing of the typewriter made in 1868 by Sholes, Glidden, & Soule stored in the National Archives of the Patent & Trademark Office.

Most jurisdictions have laws covering the conditions requiring patent drawings. In the United States, a patent drawing must be included with an invention if visual aids are indispensable for an understanding of how that invention is supposed to work. It must show every detail of the invention, and the laws also dictate what size and type of paper the drawing has to be on, the size of the margins around the picture, and many other factors.

3D Modeling of Your Patent

3D modeling is one of the most important services that GloberDesign has to offer. It is far superior to 2D modeling: The observer can easily grasp the spatial concepts involved and see how the new machine is supposed to operate. In addition, the exact measurements of the invention can be outlined much better. The development of computers and the Internet has vastly expanded and modified the ways in which patent drawings may be made.

The many companies that have used GloberDesign’s services bear witness to how effective and excellent they really are. These clients include companies from every sphere of the business world, ranging from the fan-cooling Power Breezer to Coca Cola Israel!
Example of Patent Drawing made by GloberDesign

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