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GloberDesign is a complete service Product Design & Development Company, located at North Miami Beach, Florida. GloberDesign can make your idea into a real product. We are a one stop shop for product development, taking you through our design and manufacturing methodology, which includes concept sketching, computer illustrations, engineering, 3D CAD, prototyping, patenting, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and marketing,

GloberDesign Firm Owner

GloberDesign firm is owned by Jonathan Globerson a well known Industrial Designer.
Our team members are top of the line professionals. Our team consists of industrial designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, hardware engineers, software developers, marketing specialists and Patent Agents. The wide coverage of professionals gives us the advantage of supplying our customers with a wide variety of services, enabling us to offer a turnkey service, when desired.

GloberDesign can help you from concept to manufacturing.  Whether it is a small scale manufacturing or mass production. If you have a new invention you want to design, patent or prototype, or if you have a design you want to create in 3D CAD, GloberDesign is the right place for you. GloberDesign could also assist you in manufacturing though the  numerous factories it associates with in USA, China , Central America and worldwide.

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