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Animation or architectural animation is a short 3D animated architectural movie created on a computer. In this method; with the aid of computer; building is created including the landscapes, people and vehicles to give it a natural look. It is slightly similar to architectural rendering but the concept of architectural animation goes beyond that of architectural rendering. In the case of architectural rendering; a 2D images of a building is designed to show the attributes of an architectural design that means a single image is designed with a single point of view whereas in architectural animation a series of still images are designed. When these images are assembled and played; they provide a movie-like effect only difference being that this animation is created in the computer rather than using a camera. The building created using this animation can be enhanced creating a computer generated surrounding around the building.


Usually this architectural animation is used by home builder and architectural firms. These firms use this architectural animation to show their customers the exact design or the model of the building as sometimes the clients are unable to grasp the complexity and special requirements required for the project. Thus architectural animation goes hand in hand with architectural rendering and this process attracts many investors and customers as with the help of this technique; they can know about the building designs easily.

Nowadays; architectural animation is considered to be a very challenging profession with wide scope in future. It is being implemented by architects and estate developers as a marketing program.