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With GloberDesign, you can complement your designs with cutting-edge tools that showcase your architectural ideas in a cinematic way. By using the visuals generated by our architectural animation services, you will be able to give your clients a virtual walk-through of your proposed properties, interiors, and more.

What is Architectural Animation?

Architectural animation, also known as an architectural walk-through, is a short “film” that’s made by combining multiple still images. Unlike rendering, which shows a single snapshot from one point of view, architectural animation generates thousands of images, and combines every single one to create a playable video.


Who Needs Architectural Animation Services?

GloberDesign’s services are often used by architectural firms and homebuilders who want a way to showcase their builds better. However, it can also be leveraged by:



Architects use GloberDesign’s architectural animation services to get a better picture of the property before it’s even built. With the software, they can decide whether or not the space needs to be bigger, brighter, and so on. It’s a cost-effective way to make changes during the product design stage.


Real Estate Agents.

Architectural animation allows real estate agents to showcase the particular property without spending thousands of dollars on staging. It also enables them to modify the furniture, interior, and more, to help the potential buyers see the property in its full potential.

Building Information Modeling

Property Developers.

Developers can get investors on board by immersing them in the animation. They can also use it to show potential buyers the building’s units, amenities, and more, so they can decide whether or not it’s the type of real estate development they’d love to live in.

CAD design conversion and migration

Interior Designers.

It would be a challenge to design the building’s interiors based on a single image. With animations, designers will be able to get a better picture of the space. They can also use animations to showcase their designs to their clients when they’re done.

2D Metal Design Services

Event Planners.

Party planners can plan the space properly with the use of architectural animations. It will act as their “visual aid” while they decorate the venue.

Why Create a 3D Animation in Architecture?

You’re probably wondering if going beyond rendering is worth it. After all, creating a 3D animation for an architectural design can be time-consuming, and it can only be done by powerful computers with the right software. It’s time to cast your doubts aside in order to wow your clients – we’ve outlined a few of the benefits of 3D animation below:

Our Process

Step 1. The Basics

At GloberDesign, every partnership begins with an evaluation of your goals. What do you want to achieve from our architectural animation services? Are you a developer that wants to provide their investors with an immersive view of the property? Or maybe you’re an architect who wants to show your builds in the best way possible? Whatever it is you want to do, we’ll make sure that we get to work with your goals in mind at all times.

Step 2. The Cameraworks

At this stage, you will need to provide us with the 3D rendering of your design. Our creative team will then figure out how to showcase the images, which involves deciding on camera movements, camera views, transitions, music, cinematics, and more.

Step 3. The Rough Cut

After we’ve made the first “draft” of the video, we’ll send it over to you so that you can review it. If there’s anything you need us to add, edit, or delete, we’d be more than glad to oblige. At this stage, we will also double-check if the final version of the design is still the same, or if you’ve tweaked it a bit during the editing stage.

Step 4. The Final Presentation

For the final step, we will present the final, full-resolution animation to you in person. That way, we can immediately take note of what needs to be added, deleted, and more. Please note that any last-minute alterations to the architectural design will not be added to the animation at this stage.


Generate an Engaging Architectural Animation With GloberDesign

GloberDesign is a world-renowned leader in product development with origins in Miami. Over the years we have helped investors and innovators do more with their products, whether it’s to create prototypes, file for patents, adapt animations, and more. Our goal is to get your products out there through the use of cutting-edge tools. With us by your side, you can concentrate on enhancing your product, and count on our experts to find you the perfect manufacturers, teams, and more to move your innovations to the next level.

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