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Starting with an idea and ending with a product, GloberDesign offers design engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing services as a renowned product design company. Find out how we can help you with your product design requirements today!

Why Work with a Product Design Company for your Product Ideas?

A success-oriented product design possesses two main elements: the design’s functionality and its attractiveness to the users’ eyes. These are very crucial aspects that any company seeking to attain success with a new product launch should consider.

Finding a reliable product design company that understands these aspects can elevate your product’s success rate when it first launches.

A market experience to create impactful designs

Typically, product design companies are constantly experimenting with concepts and are constantly expanding their repertoire of techniques. This allows them to understand upfront what will create the biggest impact in the market and surpass users’ expectations.

A market experience to create impactful designs
Expertise to handle too complex projects

Expertise to handle too complex projects

While operating individually, the lack of a “back to the office” approach to design can lead to compromises in the functional aspects of a product design. But a product design firm possesses the necessary manpower, skills, and resources to handle all sorts of complexities that come with product design.

Your work is to create a solution to the market’s problems, so you shouldn’t focus your resources on trying to impress your audience. Let a firm with the required expertise do the tough work for you.

Designs that are too complex or advanced may not find the acceptance of the customers. Take, for example, the far-reaching popularity of the iPhone. The inclusion of an advanced touchscreen system was one of the design hallmarks of the first iPhone and is considered the best technological invention of the 21st century.

Continuous flow of new ideas

Product design firms have worked with so many companies and can combine lots of design ideas from different product lines to continuously provide new ideas especially if you do new product launches frequently. You’ll need to appease your clients and keep them looking forward to new exciting products.

If your product launch is a success, the existing users will be eager to get your latest offering and may develop multiple problems if it does not meet their needs. That’s why it’s wise to contract a product design company that can create a functional, usable product that you can sell without any glitches and bugs time over.


Improved Quality Control

A team of designers and developers can quickly identify potential problems with your product, which could potentially affect the sales of your product. Having dealt with so many similar products like yours, they understand all the shortcomings that products in your niche face and how to overcome them.

That’s something that you and your in-house team may not effectively address, considering that your niche is focused on a single product.

Reduced costs in creating appealing designs

Hiring and retaining an in-house team of expert designers isn’t cheap, especially if you’re limited on funding. It can be challenging to keep paying hefty salaries to an advanced team of product designers during the initial stages of your product’s market entry.

A product design company can get you the crowd-moving designs at reduced costs with no liabilities. If they don’t perform according to your needs, simply bring another on-board. But since the market is highly competitive, no lousy product designers will stand a chance, hence you’ll always be guaranteed high-quality deliverables.


Sourcing a Product Design Company: What’s the Catch?

With so many companies offering product design services, finding the right one isn’t going to be easy. But with a little focus on the following elements, it shouldn’t be difficult to distinguish a reputable firm from a non-performing one.

how skilled is their team

How skilled is their team?

Look out for a product design company that has a team of talented designers and developers, each with their own unique skills and abilities. These people must be able to conceptualize, prototype, and test a wide variety of different designs before entering the public phase of the project.

That way, you’ll be able to address and overcome various points of failure and develop solutions before releasing the product to your customers.

How long have they been in business

How long have they been in business?

You must find a company that has been in business for a good amount of time in the industry. At least five years’ experience for starters isn’t bad. This way, you’ll be guaranteed that they possess extensive skills in product design, having dealt with so many clients and different product niches.

How rich is their portfolio

How rich is their portfolio?

One of the most crucial things to look for in a product design company is a track record and portfolio. Request for a list of projects they’ve worked on in the past, as well as products that are already in the market. Also, ensure that you also get a rough idea of what projects they’re currently working on.

By viewing what the company has done or is doing, you’ll be well informed about their capabilities and what they can achieve for your product ideas.

Although every product will have its own distinct features, one unique feature of most product designs is a high level of visual appeal. A product designed by a great company usually looks visually appealing to most users. Thus, to find a highly reputable company, one indispensable trait to look for is its portfolio in developing a great design.

What line of products do they handle

What line of products do they handle ?

A good design company usually has an extensive track record in creating great-looking products for different niches. A good design company should also have a staff that is highly experienced and knowledgeable in working on all types of products. But if they have a specialization, even better.

For instance, if you deal with electronic devices such as mobile phones and home electronics, you’d want to work with a specialty in designing technological products.

Why Should You Choose GloberDesign as Your One-Stop Product Design Company?

At GloberDesign, we pride ourselves on highly experienced and innovative product designers and years of experience in creating crowd-moving product designs. As a product design company majorly focused in engineering technological designs, we’ve successfully built designs for some of the most notable brands in the world today.

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