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Are you scared of someone stealing your idea or invention? You can protect your invention with GloberDesign Patent Services. It takes a lot of time, knowledge, and experience to get a product into the market. You need to protect your intellectual property. GloberDesign is a fully equipped Patent Services provider in the USA.

Get your idea or innovation secured with Patent Filing

A patent is an exclusive right you have to an idea or invention. It's your protection against any form of infringement. If someone uses your idea without permission from you, you can commercially exploit the opportunity. You don't have to allow someone to reap you from your good idea. Get a patent on that idea, which gives you the exclusive right to it. Your idea could be a method, production process, product, or machine. It only belongs to you when you have a patent on it.

Getting a patent for your idea or invention involves a series of legal requirements. For instance, your idea shouldn't be available anywhere before the filing application date. You need to consider the confidentiality, legal requirements, scope, and terms of protection. You don't have to undergo the rigorous process alone. We have a team of professionals to handle all of these without stressing you.

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Our Patent Services

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Patent Searching

An appropriate patent search must be comprehensive, exhaustive, and detailed. It should look at an invention from a different point of view to ensure every combinations and permutation are considered.

Some business owners think that performing patent searching entails using Google Patents to gather information. However, it is much more than that. While you can do a patent search yourself, several benefits come with a professional patent search. Have you considered if there is a legal opinion to your patent searching?

At GloberDesign, we include a legal opinion to all your patent searches. We have access to professional registered patent attorneys and a highly qualified team to conduct a complete patent search. With this, you can decide if you want to forge ahead with your idea or not. We get you ready for your patent application preparation process.

Patent Filing Services

Do you have an innovative product or idea worth showcasing to the world, you need patent filing to protect the idea. On the surface, it looks like an easy process. However, the process of filing a patent application is a complicated legal process. It usually takes a lot of money and time to complete the process.

Nevertheless, you need to understand the process, especially if you want international patent protection. It is a tedious process that involves searching for patents before filing a written application - the application includes drawings and a detailed description of the idea. Once completed, it is submitted to the US patent and trademark office. All of these processes can take two years and constant visitation of the patent examiner.

At GloberDesign, we cut the hurdle and make the process efficient. We will designate our consultant to work with you until the process is completed. We have trained consultants to help you through the entire process. Call us today for a free quote.

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2D-3D Modeling

2D/3D Modeling

Transforming that idea into reality for everyone to understand is priceless. GloberDesign offers inventors all the steps and resources required to transform that idea into reality. Although an idea can be crystal clear in your mind, not everyone can visualize it. With Graphics, illustrations, and 3D Designs, you can transform that tangible idea into something visible.

Utility Patent Drawing

For any design patent application, utility patent drawing is an essential element. We offer high-quality patent drawings that will increase the probabilities of patenting your inventions and ideas. GloberDesign understands the need for inventors, corporations, and law firms. We have a team of experts that will coherently transform your invention into paper.

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Why Hire GloberDesign Patent Services

We work with both big and small business owners; we offer quality trademark and patent service at an affordable rate or cost. We provide the best service within Miami, US.


Protecting your idea or invention is vital, which is why GloberDesign is happy to offer clients intellectual property protection services. The product design and development team at GloberDesign has an extensive and highly successful track record for obtaining optimal patent protection for our clients. Working with experienced patent attorneys and agents, we make patent submissions easier than ever before!

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Patenting an Idea | Get Patent Idea At GloberDesign

Patented Products

Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

At GloberDesign, we understand the need to protect your invention. Therefore, we offer our clients intellectual property protection of their idea. Our goal is to protect your idea before it gets to market or to the factories. In addition, to complete product design and prototyping services, we offer the following intellectual property protection:

  • Patent Drawings
  • Provisional Application
  • Design Patent
  • Utility Patent
  • Trademark
  • Copyright

It is recommended to protect your intellectual properties before revealing them in the marketplace. That is why our company uses the most professional and certified patent agents and attorneys to handle all of our patent submissions.

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