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POP Display Design, or Point of Purchase Display Design, is the way that the product packaging is displayed on the shelf of a store, or at the point of purchase. A good point of purchase display is the way to increase the sales of a product. A quality point of purchase design will attract more potential clients to look at your product.

Have you ever wondered how they get that item on the shelf? Or how they get a company to buy their idea? Well, the first step is to get a prototype of the idea made. Your idea can be made into something you can see even from a description or a sketch. Computer-aided drafting can turn your idea or sketch into a 3D design that can be rotated and looked at from any angle. A prototype can be a small version of what your idea will look like.

You can just get a prototype or a CAD file and take it to someone who buys inventions and ideas. You could also take it one step further and get a patent. Don’t know how to file one? In addition to helping you with CAD and the prototype, GloberDesign can help you get a patent, in fact, they can do everything right up to getting your product placed on the shelves with the packaging of the product (POP) that will catch someone’s eye and make it into their cart.

The Importance of Point of Purchase Display Design

You see, you can make a little bit off of your idea if you sell it, but with a little help with product packaging and display, you could be selling your own idea for what it’s worth. This can prove to be one of the makings or breaking aspects of the sale. Often overlooked, the packaging and display of an item often determines it’s success. No matter what you want to do, GloberDesign is a good place to start for information. This company is very experienced with product display and packaging options.

The area and the people you will be trying to market your product to should be taken into consideration. Even if you already have products on the shelf, our team can help you get it off the shelf with unique design and eye-catching packaging. No matter what stage your idea is for a product or where you plan to take it. GloberDesign can get you started, contact us today!
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