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Make Attention-Grabbing POP Display Designs That Drive Sales

Having a POP display or countertop display is great for getting your product in front of people, but what makes the difference between a 'just OK' one and a 'wow' one? For some products, it could be the difference between capturing the attention of visitors and gaining new customers. To ensure that your product stands out from the crowd, you need to leverage POP display design services.

How Can POP Displays Help You Market Your Business

Point of purchase (POP) displays play a vital role in presenting your products to your clients and make the best impression to promote sales. Seeking POP display design services from professional and innovative designers can put your products in a better position of being identified quickly in a pool of many similar products.

Stand out from competing brands

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar shop or a retailer selling online, displaying your products in a store window can be a great way to build brand awareness and drive traffic. If you have a storefront, consider putting a new product on display, or a sign that is appealing to the eye and conveys the message to buyers.

Our team of experts can put together ideas to build custom point of purchase displays that joins branding with appealing visuals to command the attention needed.


Slash down Size of Display Space

These POP displays can be fairly inexpensive. They’re also a really good option if you’re setting up a physical display but don’t have the floor space to set up multiple displays. This can go a long way in reducing your expenditure in acquiring expensive space to showcase your products to buyers.

Increase Brand awareness at Trade show display

POP displays can be used as part of a trade show display. The setup time for a pop-up banner is much quicker than for a traditional trade show booth. It also requires much less space to create an impactful display.

At trade shows where many other brands are showcasing their products, you will need to have highly attractive and future-oriented POP display designs to catch the attention of the audience.


Encourage Impulse Buying in Stores

You can put POP displays at strategic points in your store to encourage impulse purchases. Retailers call this technique “eye-level marketing”, but it’s not that advanced. It’s pretty simple: put your most profitable products at eye level where people are likely to see them.

If you’re selling electronics, put them on shelves at eye level. Or if you’re selling organic cookware, use shelves that face away from the front of the store on an island.

Promote Instant Purchases with Special discounts and deals via POP displays

This is a great way to make immediate sales. The goal is to convert browsers into buyers, and POP displays can help you do this. By offering special deals and discounts, you can make it more likely that a customer will buy now instead of later because the deal only lasts for a limited time.

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Point of Purchase Vs Point of Sale: Which one to choose?

Most people are familiar with Point of purchase (POP) displays but also have heard about Point of Sale (POS) displays. What’s the difference between the two? Which one should you choose? And can you get a POP display design service provider to design both?

Even though POS and POP displays have similarities, understanding their differences is key when it comes to choosing one for displaying your products. POP displays are usually large and can take up whole floor space in the store. The POS displays are mainly kept at the area close to the sales register where customers check out their purchases.

Some examples of POS displays are the candy shelves and magazine racks leading to the checkout register. They are ideal for displaying individually packaged items like confectionaries and drinks. When you choose attractive designs, they can promote impulse purchases as the customers head to checkout their trolleys.

Successful implementation of POP Displays

When it comes to implementing POP displays, you need to strategically do it to ensure they give you the best sales. Even the most attractive POP displays may not impact sales if they are not implemented correctly.

As renowned POP display design service providers, we understand client behaviors when it comes to impulse buying. That’s why we manage to create the most stunning POP and POS displays. Here are a few things to consider to ensure your POP displays give you the maximum output.

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Who is the targeted audience?

This will mostly depend on the type of retailer you are going to put the POP display, the position of the display within the outlet, and the targeted demographic.

If you place your POP display in a convenience store rather than a grocer, both your buyers and their purpose for shopping there will be affected. A shopper who is after making a large volume purchase at a grocery store is more likely to come across your display than one who is buying only a single item.

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Consider product centricity

Commonly referred to as placing your most profitable items at product centricity, this technique involves displaying products from your largest revenue-generating category at the front of the store. These are the reasons why this technique works like a charm:

  • You make eye contact with the shopper.
  • You position most of your product closer to the viewer’s face than most of the competition.
  • Your products occupy the height of the shopper’s vision.

Due to the looming competition, you must work with highly creative and experienced POP display design service providers to create authentic and stunning displays.

Seek POP Display Design Services from GloberDesign

POS and POP displays are just another product holding shelves if they do not have attention-grabbing designs. That is why it is very vital to use POP display design services from experts to ensure your displays make an impact on the eyes of your clients.

At GloberDesign, we have top-notch CAD software such as ArtiosCAD and skilled professionals to create unique designs of POP displays. ArtiosCAD is the globally recognized design editor that delivers outstanding designs.


Types of POP display designs from GloberDesign

GloberDesign prides itself in highly innovative designers and top-notch design tools, including ArtiosCAD software, which is key in creating engaging POP display designs.

The following are the different types of POP display designs our experts can create for you.

Retail Display Case designs

These are standalone displays closed in on both sides by clear plastic or glass. Shoppers may need to request assistance from store attendants to access the items from the case. They are ideal for keeping high-value products as they provide more security.

Our retail display case designs are highly detailed, showing all the minute features of the case that matters when you need a secure display.

Freestanding displays

These are standalone displays that allow customers to interact with them from any direction. They offer better product organization and are neater.

Freestanding displays are often made using cardboards and allow experimenting with attention-grabbing designs or shapes. With our high-level expertise in design, we can create stunning freestanding displays that create buzz around your products and increase impulse purchases.

Banner stands

These are standalone displays with signage, which can be put anywhere in the store to promote products through discounts and deals. They are mobile, inexpensive, and effective at catching the attention of shoppers.

When creating banner stands, less is always better. Our designs are precise, colorful, and attention-grabbing without overwhelming the shoppers.

Do you have a custom POP display design requirement? Don’t worry yourself, we have the skills and expertise to implement it for you with our skilled designers and software.

Gondola display designs

Gondola displays are double-sided, standalone shelve units often common in large spaces or open areas of an outlet. Their shelves are adjustable, making them easier to customize and accommodate various products.

They are usually made using pegboards and steel frames, making them ideal for displaying products with attention-grabbing color schemes.

Gondola display designs

Gondola displays are double-sided, standalone shelve units often common in large spaces or open areas of an outlet. Their shelves are adjustable, making them easier to customize and accommodate various products.

They are usually made using pegboards and steel frames, making them ideal for displaying products with attention-grabbing color schemes.

Endcap displays

As the name implies, these are displays positioned at the aisle’s end where aisle shelves lie back-to-back. They are like freestanding displays, allowing you to place your products in high-traffic areas without needing space for an aisle shelf.

Introducing our State-of-the-art POP display design tools

At GloberDesign, we only use certified and renowned software tools trusted by global designers to deliver quality designs. Our design tools have detailed but quick performance, allowing our designers to be extremely productive.

For instance, our Automatic Drafting Tool automatically snaps vertical or horizontal alignments, midpoints thus eliminating the requirement for construction lines, allowing our designers to work with speed.

Furthermore, these tools are rich in templates that quicken the process of designing. Alternatively, they allow you to begin from scratch to create custom designs, something which we excel at. ArtiosCAD allows us to build POP displays with highly engaging themes that fascinate viewers’ attention.

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Drive Sales with Our Award-Winning POP Display Designs

Whether you want to get your products moving off the shelves, clear inventory, create brand awareness or promote a low-performing product, we can help achieve your goal with our engaging POP display designs.

No POP display design service provider does it better than GloberDesign. Our processes are well formulated, from the conceptualization, design, installation, to execution, we are fully prepared to deliver all your display needs to drive those sales revenues higher.

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