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Improve your business by using 3D printing services from GloberDesign. Speed up the manufacturing and development process by prototyping your products using 3D printing services.

The process takes no time and the results are beyond the limits thanks to the innovative technologies and methods we use at GloberDesign.

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Why choose us ?

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# Instant quotes for your CAD designs
# Ability to customize the available 3D printing services according to your needs
# Development of the 3D printing until it meets your requirements
# Several 3D printing materials and technologies
# A large number of colors with different saturations
# Rapid process and satisfying results
# Assistance with all product development-related services
# Guaranteed quality and following up with all the product development stages

3D printing manufacturing

GloberDesign is a reputed company that offers 3D printing and product development services. 3D prototyping is the technique used to fabricate the scale model of the physical part quickly using 3D computer-aided design. Part of the construction is usually done with the help of a 3D printer.

Our online 3D printing service has been there for a while serving a large number of customers in different industries. Our customers get high-quality products at very competitive prices thanks to the cutting-edge technologies we use for 3D printing. We at GloberDesign start with the customer from the very early stages of product development till he gets a physical prototype of his product.

Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept

Why use 3D printing ?

Many customers don't know the potentials of 3D printing and how they can benefit from such a service. 3D printing can be used for any industry as long as there is an end product.

Industry Standard Compliance


Modeling the products before they enter the production stage allows you to know the pitfalls and problems with the product before they occur. Prototypes give you an idea about how your product will be used by the customers.

Highly qualified and certified engineering team


3D printing is so precise that it resembles the actual product in the features and sometimes, the materials. The purpose of 3D printing is to imitate the user interaction with the product before it is out in the market.

State of the art Infrastructure


3D printing allows you to develop your products throughout the production process. You don't have to wait till the very end when the products are already manufactured to develop them in the next batch. Alternatively, you can develop the product while it is being manufactured.

How the process works

Getting a 3D print is very easy with GloberDesign. The process goes in three steps


Create your CAD design using any software you are comfortable with. We are able to work with nearly all CAD software programs and deliver the same results. If you don't have a CAD designer, you can request a CAD design from GloberDesign as well.


Once we receive the design, we work on the printing part using the agreed-upon methods and materials. You can request a rapid prototyping service and we will advise on the best materials and technologies that suit your products.

Receive your parts

Once we are done with the printing and you are satisfied with the results, we will ship the end product to your location. We guarantee that the end result you get is typically what you requested.

Features of GloberDesign 3D printings

Rapid turnaround

Our 3D prototypes are completed and shipped in no time. According to the number of parts and the materials, we set a deadline for shipping your parts. And we never missed a deadline!

High quality

Our prototypes are made of high-quality materials to ensure their durability for a long time. We care about the models as much as you care about your real product.


The prototypes are complex in a nice way that you might not notice a difference between a model and a real product. Even the smallest details are taken care of in the prototypes.


The parts you get are very flexible that you can add or remove features until you are completely satisfied with the product.


Request as many parts as you want. Just send the data of your product and the number of parts you want, and you will get them on time.

3D printing services

We help our customers get 3D prints and create customized printed parts for different fields and industries. Whether you are an industry automotive customer, an industry aerospace customer, or an industry medical customer, or whatever else, you will find a service that suits your needs. 3D prints work for all industries and products.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

A 3D printing technique or sometimes named as additive manufacturing technique as it uses the laser to sinter polymer powder to an object. The whole process works to deliver a solid object based on a pre-designed 3D model. It is better used for functional parts of a product and high-fidelity prototypes.

Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept
Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

DMLS is similar to SLS in using the laser to mold parts together. However, DMLS uses a direct laser beam that fuses parts together creating a metal prototype. This method is mostly used for functional parts as well, especially the very precise ones.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

FDM method uses the filaments of thermal plastics to be deposited on a pre-designed model. This method is usually used for low-fidelity prototypes and parts with no visual importance.

Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept
3D printer prints the form of molten plastic white close-up. Automatic three dimensional 3d printer performs plastic modeling in laboratory. Progressive modern additive technology

Stereolithography (SLA)

SLA method usually uses resin materials as they are light-reactive to produce very smooth and fine parts. The technology is able to produce transparent parts as well. It is better used for prototypes of visual value.

HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

A precise 3D printing solution to produce very functional parts with consistent mechanical properties. The technology is better used for rapid prototyping and for those who require a large batch of the same product with very precise functional details in a short time.

Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept

3D printing materials

GloberDesign offers the most professional and the best suiting materials for your 3D prints. Whether your industry requires plastic, metal, or any other materials, GloberDesigner will avail this for you.

The purpose of the product has to do with the material used for the prototype as well. We understand this very well, thus, we help you decide what materials to use for your prototypes based on the data you provide us about your product.


Several types of plastic are available for 3D printing. We use nylon, ABS, polycarbonate, and polypropylene for SLS and SLA printing.

Nylons in particular are very versatile and produce very accurate results. Thus, they are mostly used with MJF methods. Whereas ABS is available in various colors, so, it is used for visual prototypes more.


This material is usually used with the SLA printing method for special purposes.


Elastomers or rubber-like materials are flexible and versatile in terms of forming and molding together. Such materials include silicone-based elastomers, TPU, and photopolymers.


Metals are widely used for many products and can result in a very accurate and functional prototype. Different printing techniques use different metal materials like stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, and cobalt.

The choice of the metal used depends on the end product and how functional it should be. Also, the required durability has to do with the choice of the metal used. For example, stainless steel is very durable and resistant to environmental factors.

Automate the process

At GloberDesign, we believe in innovation and development in all of our services. Since the very beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to offering services that exceed our customers' expectations. That's why we provide an automation function to ease the 3D printing process.

Digital designers team drawing with pen on computer monitor. Man and women working with graphic editor. Vector illustration for creative job or teamwork concept

Instant prints and instant quotes

We use automation to provide customized 3D printings and to decrease the time needed for communication between the customer and the engineers.

Similarly, quotes are sent directly to our customers once they upload their CAD files with all the necessary data. Any visitor on our website can use the instant quotes feature to know the estimated budget of his project.

Later, you may customize any unit and ask for the unit price after any developments. The instant quote function is just to give you an estimation of how much the 3D printing will cost.


Manage your 3D printings

Similar to websites that use cookies to collect data about their visitors, we want to learn all about your project. That's why we ask you to share all the necessary details about your products.

You can share the data with us and important updates as well. Everything is easily manageable on the website. You can update CAD files, track previous deliveries and check the upcoming ones.

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3D printing applications

Applications of 3D printings are endless. The shapeways and units designed will make the production phase easier. Get inspired by watching a video on Youtube of how 3D printing occurs, or just check the possible applications of 3D printing.

Mechanical equipment and parts

3D prints will give you a model of mechanical parts of any product to test how it functions. FDM material prototyping, for example, will produce a replica of a functional part at a cheap price


Robotics need to be visualized before developing to know exactly how they will perform their designated tasks. Robots can be 3D printed with the proper materials and using the right prototyping PLA unit to achieve the needed results.

Convenient products

These are the everyday products we find in the markets and stores. 3D printing allows you to create small batches of the product before it is off to the shelves, so, you easily predict its performance.


One of the most common uses of 3D printing is to model the architecture work. Modeling architecture projects is essential if you care about visuals and functionality at the same level. 3D prints will give you the facts about both.


Jewelry is very fine and delicate parts that need special 3D printing techniques. Being able to visualize your jewelry pieces before launching makes it easier to develop the products later on to produce unique pieces that don't look like any other pieces in the market.

At GloberDesign, quality is ensured

With every order, you will receive a full report about the ordered parts, materials used, number of parts, and everything else related to 3D printing.

We also undergo a quality assurance process for all our products. You will get full details about the inspection process and the tolerance of each printing method and material used.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Concept. Certified standard process, product warranty.


GloberDesign will transform your idea into a reality!


With our 3D printing services, you can have your imaginary products between your hands. Choose the preferred materials and method or leave everything on us! We can create your 3D model out of a CAD file with no additional requirements.

Once you place the order, your printed models will be manufactured just as designed. Place your order now or get a free quote to know more about the prices and delivery time.

Contact us directly to speak about the 3D printing services and other product design, development, and manufacturing services. If you are seeking any quick prototype service, GloberDesign is the best partner that delivers what you exactly need today. Get the right help at the right time for a successful business.

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