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Any host of related technologies related to CAD data sources is commonly termed as rapid prototyping. This method is also known as additive manufacturing, additive fabrication, 3D printing, solid freeform fabrication and layered manufacturing. Rapid prototype Miami includes building of components layer by layer on a single thin layer of material and has different processes such as stereo lithography, laser sintering, fused deposition modelling, solid ground curing and laminated object manufacturing. It is driven by instructions derived from 3D computer-aided design (CAD) models and hence CAD technology is essential for rapid prototyping.

This is used to support small batch production to run the design and the process is used to create prototype, tooling, models and also metal components. Many rapid prototyping technologies produce prototype models which are physical models to produce tooling by using a secondary process indirectly. The resulting tool which is developed is used to manufacture a component.

The rapid prototyping technologies are used for prototyping mechanical devices, components, housings and not software or electronic components. It is solely hardware based. They are also preferred over conventional methods in certain manufacturing processes; however both the methods are used to make a prototype. However nowadays, conventional methods are used more often than rapid prototype for their simple and easy availability of components and cost-effectiveness which is not possible with rapid prototype as it is time consuming. But without the implementation of this method the conventional methods would not have been developed as they were introduced to make the procedure easier and better.