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10+ Tips to Creating Successful Packaging Design

There’s no doubt that creative packaging design can contribute to the success of a product. An attractive packaging greatly helps in marketing your products. That’s because beautiful packaging creates physical and psychological connections between your products and your end-customers.

So how do you start conceptualizing and creating attractive, functional, and unique product packaging designs? We list down 12 of our best tips here!

1. Conceptualize your package designs in the early stages of product development.

As you start conceptualizing and prototyping your products, so should you start visualizing your intended product packaging. Come up with ideas, brainstorm, research, and make several possible sketches of your product’s packaging.

2. Do market research for your package designs.

Invest in extensive market research to get lots of insights on the best packaging design for your products. Look into competitors’ packaging, check other product categories, and survey your end-consumers for their inputs and needs.

3. Tailor your packaging’s design according to your product.

Make sure that the design you choose for your packaging is product-friendly. It should be compatible with the product and make it easier for the customers to use your products.

4. Make your product package useful beyond its purpose.

Wouldn’t it be great if your product’s package would remain useful even after your customers took out the products from it? Consider conceptualizing a unique package that can be recycled and used differently after serving its purpose.

5. Tone it down and make it simple.

Keep your packaging’s design simple and sleek. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice its creativity and customer appeal though. Research suggests that simplicity is a key factor in keeping your customers, and that also holds true for labeling, branding, and packaging.

6. Try to incorporate market trends into your design.

Trends that are popular on social media and the Internet often reflect the masses’ taste. Stay on top of the trends, sprinkle a tiny bit of the hype-generating things on your designs, and see your product fly off the shelves faster than you think.

7. Make your packaging easy to handle and transport.

Handles and grooves on your packaging design allow for easier handling and transport of your product. Your customers will surely appreciate this, and more people will naturally gravitate towards your product.

8. Address your customer’s needs through your packaging.

Answering customer needs doesn’t end with your product’s functionality and relevance. It should also be channeled by creating packaging that can solve your customers’ possible problems. For example, resealable packaging options are great for naturally reusable products.

9. Consider transparent packaging.

Customers appreciate it when they get a “sneak peek” of the products underneath the packaging. If feasible, add a transparent portion on your packaging and couple it with a simple yet streamlined branding.

10. Ensure the legibility of texts on the packaging.

Remove texts that are superfluous and focus on the important labels that present your product clearly to the customers at a glance. Keep letters legible and strive to avoid misspellings and typographical errors.

11. Consider the color scheme you’ll use.

Keep your packaging colors aligned with your product. Take note of the packaging’s entire background color, as well as the text’s colors. Keep your color schemes simple to avoid overstimulating and shooing away your product’s potential buyers.

12. Take note of how and where your products will be sold.

How the products will be sold can influence your packaging’s design. For example, your product will be sold online. Ensure that the product won’t rattle around during shipping by avoiding extra spaces and keeping it snug.

Packaging design is crucial to marketing success. Follow our tips to create packaging that’s functional, creative, unique, and customer-friendly. As you do so, watch your products fly off the shelves faster than you can imagine!