Secrets you should know about CAD Design

Secrets you should know about CAD Design

What is CAD

CAD stands for computer-aided design. CAD design is an essential industry in the tech world. CAD makes use of computers to assist in the engineering and configuration of your favorite products and buildings. The use of this software allows higher precision and makes accurate design iterations. Also, the documentation helps in effective project management.

Where is the CAD design used?

It may be hard to believe, but CAD is used just about everywhere. Most of the products you admire daily have been manufactured through CAD design. CAD is widely used in almost all industries. The aerospace industry utilizes CAD majorly in the initial design process. It helps in constructing all sorts of products, including missiles, space crafts, and even satellites.
The interior design and fashion industry also very effectively make use of CAD design to bring their products to life. Other sectors using CAD include the landscaping industry, automobile industry, civil engineering, and cartography industry.

Benefits of using CAD

Before the advent of CAD technology, designs were made manually through a pencil and paper. It was a highly strenuous job requiring much effort and time. Engineers and designers had to manually draw each line and curve using drafting tools such as rulers and protractors. Also, the calculations were done by engineers manually, which was also an error-prone process.
However, CAD software changed the dynamic of designing. CAD designs can be created and edited so much more quickly and can be saved for future use. Graphics are no more limited to a 2D view. CAD drawings give an additional perspective from various angles.

Benefits of using CAD
The viability of the graphics is much more since now all the calculations are done by the computers. The chances of error are highly reduced. The established designs are easily shared and collaborated in real-time.

Choosing the right CAD software

When choosing CAD software, there are certain things to be kept in mind

  • Type of design

    The requirements of your design must be exact. The type of drawings and design will be decisive in opting between a 2D or 3D software. For example, if you are to design an HVAC system, go for CAD software specializing in that area.

  • Price

    The cost of CAD software varies dramatically. You may find many free versions on the internet, and then there are those which cost quite a lot. In general, as the price goes up, the feature set will be just as more robust. You must be careful in not to overpay for features you may not require at all.

  • Support

    Support must be readily available for your CAD software. If the software ever crashes, you should have a number to dial. If not, there must be available online support for the software. Online tutorials and live phone support are much preferred

CAD design is a product engineer’s secret weapon. The software has revolutionized the designing and graphic industry. The powerful software gives immense potential and eases those who make use of it.