Complete Prototype Services - From Concept Design to Prototype Design

Complete Prototype Services – From Concept Design to Prototype Design

Glober Design is one of the fast-growing companies and offer Complete Prototype Services.

For the manufacture of prototypes and later pre-series and definitive tools, it is necessary to have an adequate 3D CAD design. Even this design has to be suitable for each stage of the process. For example, it makes no sense to consider drafts or general fillets to 3D print a prototype.

We offer Complete Prototype Services. From an original idea, a 2D drawing, or information about the product, we can create the 3D CAD design for both prototyping and design of the part oriented to its mass production or mold manufacturing.

In the event that the original information is a physical piece, we offer digitization and scanning services of complex surfaces and reverse engineering services. Complete Prototype Services through different scanning equipment and different solutions to offer the most suitable for your needs:

  • Digitization and obtaining of point clouds without limitation of volume or size.
  • We have various different technologies, all of them contactless. We use the specific technology for each piece.
  • Even using state-of-the-art portable equipment, we digitize at the customer’s premises.

In the automotive sector, we reverse engineer, 3D information retrieval, and style models. We also offer the recovery of tools, molds, and parts for the tooling and stamping sector.

We offer our services for the art and cultural heritage sector for high-resolution and low-impact explorations. Exact restorations of art and architecture are obtained.

Once the 3D geometry of the original part is obtained, the CAD is modified or scaled if necessary and a copy can be manufactured using 3D printers.

Complete Prototype Services (CPS) – From Concept Design to Prototype Design:

The conceptual design process consists essentially of obtaining a solution to a design problem raised from the specifications, requirements, and needs to be raised.

The conceptual design process is preceded by a market investigation, which justifies the decision to undertake the development of the new product. The conceptualization of the product is based on the result of a definition of the product, guided by the specification and requirements. The objective is to generate and test a series of alternative solutions in order to identify the most suitable one.

Complete Prototype Services (CPS) – From Concept Design to Prototype Design

A prototype is a compact initial version of the solution or part of the solution of a system built in a short time and improved in several iterations to test and evaluate the effectiveness of the overall design that is used to solve a particular problem.

At Glober Design, we offer Complete Prototype Services, from concept design to prototype design services. Our clients and especially users deserve the best. Giving it even the smallest detail is key to the success of a project.

Many of our users feel satisfied when they enter a web page or mobile application and see different animations, transitions, an orderly structure, friendly forms, clear iconography, among other characteristics, that make them feel that the person or company that did it cared about providing quality work.