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Careers that utilize Computer-Aided Design software

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is a software developed by Autodesk. It assists in creating two and three-dimensional models. It can create illustrations from concept plans to animations of cinematic quality that can be used by the managers and the production staff for visualizing machines and structures. As the software has become an easy tool for creating and editing images, it has become a widely used tool in various sectors.

Computer-aided design programs were specialized tools primarily used for engineering applications two decades ago. Now, the tool has become an indispensable part of numerous industries such as manufacturing, animation, fashion, interior design and a lot more. If you want to be an animator, interior decorator, engineer or a drafter, then this tool will assist you to a greater extent.

A CAD degree can prepare you for an entry-level position in any industry. In fact, having a working knowledge of CAD software will present you with better prospects and will give you an edge over others.

Here are the careers that utilize CAD software.

1. Drafters

CAD is frequently used for drafting. Many drafters use this tool for turning concepts and specifications of engineers, architects into drawings and blueprints. Production workers utilize these plans for creating structures, machines, and tools. Drafters usually focus on requirements of industries such as electronics, architecture, civil construction, mechanical and aeronautics.

2. Architects

Architects rely on AutoCAD for designing structures such as office buildings and single-family homes. This helps them in estimating the schedules, materials, and costs required for construction. They develop plans while meeting with the clients and for understanding their requirements. They travel to project sites for viewing the progress of the work undertaken by them.

3. Engineers

Many engineers rely on the AutoCAD tool for designing processes and machines while solving practical problems. It could be anything from designing computer circuits to sewage treatment plants. Civil, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, electronics engineers and others make use of AutoCAD software.

4. Industrial Designers

Industrial designers basically combine technology and art for developing products that are not just attractive but also functional. They first sketch ideas and then develop 3D models using AutoCAD. They consult with the production staff and engineers about the manufacturing suitability while developing prototypes. Industrial designs specialize in designing toys, cars, furniture, reactors, chemical equipment and a lot more.

5. Mechanical drafters

Mechanical drafters work with mechanical engineers while preparing repairs for mechanical devices. They also develop diagrams for mechanical devices and types of machinery. This task requires a high level of precision. The dimensions need to be accurate and hence this work isn’t easy.

6. Interior designer

Computer Aided Design

An interior designer is responsible for planning, designing and furnishing the interiors of commercial and residential buildings. They take care of every aspect ranging from materials to colors in a building. Moreover, they make sure that the design is aesthetically appealing. AutoCAD assists interior designers throughout the process.

Computer-Aided Design has numerous applications. Being well-versed in this software opens a world of new opportunities. The career prospects are bright and can lead you to a variety of jobs in numerous fields.