From Concept Design to Prototype Design

From Concept Design to Prototype Design

If we talk about the best prototype companies, there are so many of them in the market. Before going in-depth, let’s discuss the meaning of the concept design and prototype design.

What is concept design?

Concept design is generally an initial step that is taken by the inventor to imagine a product, forming ideas related to that, its uses, the problem that it is going to resolve, and so on.

This is completely theory-based and includes many sketches, images, written material, and so on. It helps the designer to stay focused and follow the steps during the whole process so that the product can be useful for its targeted audience. It can also be known as a foundation for all the products.

Before creating a concept design, it demands a lot of information and research about what kind of audience should be targeted and how it can be proved as unique from others in the market. To modify these bunches of theories into a live experimental model, a prototype design is used.

What is prototype design?

In contrast, prototype design is quite different from concept design. It is a kind of model which is created for experimental purposes. Before launching any product, solution, or concept, it is important to test it before launching so that the required changes or modifications can be made. In the childhood phase, we all came across the mock test so that we can prepare ourselves for the final test and can be aware of our mistakes.

The same concept is applied here. The main goal behind this is to give the users the best and hassle-free experience. This helps the designer to understand the needs of its users.

A prototype design is the most significant part of any company that is launching new products, websites, software, and many more products like that. Whenever a concept is transformed into a prototype, it changes the perspective of its designer as it helps them to see and experience the live model rather than believing in theories.

What is prototype design?

There are many best prototype companies and all of them are having their advantages and disadvantages. They assist the designer or inventor to convert their concept into reality. Inventing a new product is a complex process that requires a lot of brainstorming, research, innovative ideas, and of course, the dedicated time and effort. Therefore, there are several factors to consider while choosing any of the best prototype companies for your product-

  • The experience of a company should be of top priority to see in their portfolio.
  • The cost of their services is important to know to see if it’s under the budget or not.
  • Make sure the company is ISO Compliance, which is a certain level of quality which the company needs to surpass to ensure their quality.
  • The company should maintain a confidential agreement.
  • The time which they will take to complete the whole process

To invent a product, Concept design is the first step which then goes through the prototype design to make a live model. These two are the most relevant measure which is taken by all the companies to ensure the quality.