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Concept Sketches- Hand Sketching Vs. 3D Modeling

Concept sketches are a way of explaining the main idea of any design. There are so many types of concept sketches, but the two most used methods are hand sketching and 3D Modeling. In hand sketching, the diagrams are made with a simple pencil to draw a simple sketch and to show the main idea of the design and style. In contrast, in the 3D Modeling, the picture is made from the unique software to represent the 3-dimensional animated pictures with complete detail.

Hand Sketching Vs. 3D Modeling

Hand Sketching is the process of making drawings without any measuring gadget. It is drawn with the help of a lead pencil and eraser only. These types of drawings and sketches are drawn before the final sketch to avoid any error, and after that, it will take less time to get into the actual sketch.

3D Modeling is the process of making a 3-dimensional picture with the help of a well-recognized software. 3D Modeling is used in so many industries, like in video games, marketing, TV, and in animated pictures.

The main difference between Hand Sketching and 3D Modeling is as follows:

  • Hand drawing can be created fast. Especially if someone has an architectural background and he/she can imagine things properly, it should be real quick which is not the case for 3d models where software takes a good amount of time to deliver the end product.
  • When someone is hand drawing, he/she will have the creative freedom to make as many customizations as they want.
  • It’s a bit difficult to highlight all the detail of the product when someone hand sketches a product. At least, it will not be as good as what it would have been if a 3d modeling tool was used.
  • For hand sketched drawing, only one copy exists. In case, the paper is lost, it needs to be drawn again.
  • A digital copy will be needed anyways to present the concept to the client.
  • Hand-drawn sketches are really difficult to revise. If the client wants to have it revised or see it from a different angle, the designer may need to create it from scratch.

You may use either of the ways of concept sketches to determine the real and accurate picture of the object. You may explore your options through different mediums to know the companies which offer the best services when it comes to concept sketching. There are companies that have been leading the market in this field for years owing to their quality services and expertise.

Hand sketches have so much importance that these are used by architects, engineers, and interior designers to examine the initial designs, and probe to find out the problems in the very initial stage. This way, they can communicate and solve the problem at the initial step. While for the 3D Modeling, the special type of software used for enhancing the features of the diagram. Most of the design firms use both of these at different stages of product designing.