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You have a brilliant new idea and you’re sure that it can become the fastest selling product in the market, but how do you turn that dream into a reality? The first step in realizing your dream is to create a prototype of your product. You might be wondering what are all the steps and procedures that go into making prototype and this is where GloberDesign can guide you from invention to prototype and help you achieve your goal.

GloberDesign, a company that makes innovation much easier, can take you step by step from the basic product drawings of your idea to its final marketing strategies. For prototyping, our company uses the most advanced tools and technology so that your idea exactly matches its physical manifestation. While the older methods of creating a prototype used extensive manual labour, we use a unique 3D printing which is also referred to as Rapid Prototyping which makes the process more efficient, not to mention more cost efficient. In rapid prototyping, a computer aided design (CAD) is turned into an actual 3D object. Our team can create a prototype using any material of your preference such as rubber, glass, wood, or metal based on your requirements.

You might be wondering why you need to have a prototype at all. There are two important reasons for this. Firstly, when you are looking for prospective buyers or investors, which do you think will impress them more, a design on a powerpoint presentation or a model which they can hold in their hands and inspect closely? The printed 3D model will be miles ahead in giving the client an accurate idea of your product with regards to shape, texture, weight, etc. Secondly, a prototype is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before you decide to produce your product on a large scale. GloberDesign’s team of engineers are experts in their field and have created several prototypes to fully understand the working of different products. This allows you to have a hands on experience of your product before you decide to invest a large sum of money for mass production. Should there be any adjustments or flaws that you notice, you will be able to modify those before letting them enter the market.

You may have done your own research beforehand about rapid prototyping and might have come across articles that talk about toxic chemicals used and the hazardous fumes which they can give off. GloberDesign makes sure to follow eco-friendly ways and ensures that the powder in its 3D printers and the binder used to solidify its different layers are both odourless and safe to use. With other companies, the 3D printers or designers might be plugged inside cooped up offices, but GlobalDesign understand that at times, you need the machine in different areas. For this reason, our printers do not require wiring and can be operated in the most remote of areas. More importantly, while some companies may offer you a single approach to model prototyping, GloberDesign attempts to encompass every available approach so that your prototype is the best possible.