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There isn’t an Iphone user that wouldn’t love to design a new Iphone case of their own.  Sure you can find some really great designer cases from brand names, just to name a few but there are applications and companies that will allow anyone to become an Iphone case designer.

Consumers have the opportunity to design their own Iphone cases through an application from GloberDesign, a 3D-printing company for instance.  In a matter of weeks you could become your own Iphone case designer company.  For a comparable cost, the prototypes iphone case would be shipped right to your door in a matter of weeks.

GloberDesign can design for you your own line of iphone Cases and sleeves made of leather, suede, silicone, neoprene, plastic, metals, canvas and more, all with our own unique design available for Iphone owners.

If you think you have a really great design for an Iphone case or accessory, there is a funding platform for projects called Kickstarter.  Even if you don’t have an idea, you can search Kickstarter for some fantastic ideas for Iphone cases and accessories that may interest you.

Kickstarter allows those with the creativity and drive to add their project to their platform in order to get funding to create it.

There are many styles and types of Iphone cases and accessories that other individuals have designed with GloberDesign services.  GloberDesign would engineer for you an Iphone case built according to your specs and idea. GloberDesign has executed successful Iphone case designer ideas, which you may be seeing it on the market. GloberDesign has assisted unique iphone case designs such as: Bondi – The Flexible cell phone holder, Slimline – The slimmest iPhone Case, Rivo Case – The Thinnest charging phone cas ein the world and more.

For more details on how to create your custom made iPhone case design, contact GloberDesign Today. At 786-797-4078(800) 454-0049 or for more details and pricing.