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Design and Manufacturing Services

Before manufacturing any product; its design is a pivotal part since every product has certain working standards which should be met and any variation in the product after the manufacturing may lead to huge losses, hence before a product is sent for production; it is designed. While designing a product; it is first implemented on a PCB or a printed circuit board in which the electronic device to be made is connected to its components using this board. Then the CAD design software is used to study the design in 3D animation. In order to actually know the working of the design a prototype is made by engineers and designers which is used as part of product design process to find alternatives in design, test the theories and confirm the performance before starting the production.

All the modifications and implementations in the design are done on the prototype by the engineers before sending the product for manufacturing. The new design is tested based on its ability to interest the customer and on its performance or suitability of the design. Different prototypes which were designed before the manufacturing are completely tested before finalizing a design and prepared for production. The common method in designing a prototype is to re-check the design, test, evaluate and modify the design based on the analysis carried out on the prototype.

Thus when the entire test show positive results; the design is finalized and sent for manufacturing. This is the general process carried out in industry with respect to design and manufacturing. For more information regrading how to get your product designed & manufactured contact Globe design.