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Ecommerce is one of the most important features of internet which has developed recently as it is a paperless exchange of business information through EDI (electronic data interchange) and internet related technologies. In this process a group of computers are linked to each other as a network and then business is conducted using the internet. It is only through ecommerce that internet shopping, online stocking, bond transaction, downloading of software, documents, graphics and music and business to business transaction are being possible.

In order to design ecommerce; engineering design is essential as it helps in the various steps of Ecommerce design. To make information available in the internet; the design and data should be researched, conceptualized; its feasibility should be checked, establish the requirements of the design, obtain a preliminary design and do detailing, production planning, tool design and then production. Once all the information is finalised; only then can these products can be put in the internet; be it internet shopping or downloading music. Though some of the tasks are not included in engineering design process but even these tasks are carried out simultaneously with the engineering process.

The Ecommerce design is helping in the use of internet in a better and faster manner by enabling the customers to access the computer system and allowing them to surf according to their demand and need. Thus by doing this; the company’s computer system is communicated by the customer without any human intervention. Nowadays, everybody from businessmen to organizations are using Ecommerce design for the marketing of their product.