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Choosing the right Offshore Product Development Company: Things to Consider

There is no one set rule to select an offshore product development company. However, there are some elements that you can consider to end up with the right offshore partner and a successful business model.

Company Size

While selecting an offshore product development company, the size is entirely relative to your requirement. Every product development vendor will have its positives and negatives. Slammer vendors may not be financially stable, but they will be more dedicated to you due to the lesser number of projects. Likewise, a larger firm can reduce operational risks, but you may not be its exclusive client.


Domain expertise plays a strong role in determining the perfect offshore partner. While most offshore companies offer product development services, very few specialize in a particular domain. A quick search into the company’s capabilities can help you sign up with the
right product development partner with excellent design capabilities.


Typically, a vendor that has been in business for 7-10 years is an ideal choice. The vendor would have faced and overcome enough challenges in these years to develop a more professional approach towards delivering services. You can interview senior management members to determine the level of the company’s maturity.

Best Practices and Certifications

Best practices are ever evolving. They call for continuous process improvements and don’t allow a company to stand still. Find out if the prospective offshore developer is current with their certifications and are employing cutting-edge tech-tools and practices. Do your groundwork research thoroughly so that you don’t get stuck with a vendor that uses outdated methods. The vendor must have the skills that you are looking for and must have the requisite product development knowledge.


References are important to assess if the prospective offshore partner is capable of delivering services as per your expectations or not. Also, it helps to have a vendor that has previous or current experience of delivering the product development services that are like your requirements. A quick reference check with the vendor’s past and existing clients can help you decide if that particular vendor is capable of delivering your project or not.

Cost of Services

This one can be tricky. While it is obvious that price and quality are directly proportional, it does not mean that you select a vendor with the highest price. Likewise, going ahead with the cheapest vendor can undermine the quality of deliverables. So, it is recommended to find a vendor that offers competitive rates and delivers quality as well.

Process and Communication

Other than skill and experience, the quality of any offshore partner relationship is highly dependent on 2 factors – streamlined processes and effective communication. The project quality is entirely dependent on the project management model and process. Therefore, remember to evaluate the project management structure that the shortlisted vendors employ before offshoring the work to one.

Good product developers are, most certainly, a rare breed. While finding a vendor can seem challenging, it is nothing compared to hiring and retaining talent inhouse. By diligently hunting for an offshore product development company, you can find a partner that compliments your business and fills in the required gaps seamlessly. Of course, we can’t stress enough on the importance of conducting thorough research before selecting an offshore partner.