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Getting Started With Prototype Design

At GloberDesign, as a prototype design company, we get to work within a variety of different industries on prototypes and products in all stages of development. It’s always riveting to get to work with new, vigorous, go-getting inventors and designers because they are always bringing something surprising and innovative to the table.

If you are a first-time inventor, the process of getting started can seem overwhelming and complex. One of the most vital pieces of your project will be the prototype design or better yet choosing a prototype design company. The prototyping process has a few different stages depending on where your invention or product is in development. In this blog, we’ll share with you a quick and simple breakdown of what to expect when you’re ready to create prototypes for your idea.

Prototype Design Company and the Prototype Process

You have an idea for a product that is fresh in your head, so much so that you can picture the sketch distinctly. If you think you can precept the details to your prototype design company and expect a polished first attempt, you may be in for an unwelcome revelation. Even detailed written notes on a page will likely not make the cut.

There are three main versions of a prototype that will likely be included in the process before you’re ready to test it, including:

  • Product Sketches. Sketching ideas are the first steps in the product design process and something every designer or prototype design company should do. This doesn’t have to be a beautiful piece of art, but it is important that it is clear. The simpler and more concise the sketch of your invention or product is, the better.
  • DIY Prototype. This is where inventors can get crafty. You don’t need fancy soldering, working hinges, or molds for a do-it-yourself prototype. Typically, these prototype versions are made out of whatever is easiest and cheapest to acquire, such as pipe cleaners, glue guns, or PVC pipe. Keep in mind, following the DIY approach and using cost-effective materials will make it harder to create a prototype that closely replicates the final product.
  • 3D Product Prototyping. This is where your prototype design company can really make a difference. Based on your previous prototype versions, we can take your design and specifications and build a working 3D printed prototype. With a 3D prototype, exact measurements can be applied and used throughout the entire design process, including every single part involved. A 3D prototype may also display moving parts and core functionality of the product.

Prototype Quantity vs. Quality

The reality is that you will not have just one prototype before you’re ready to pitch the idea to others, being the manufacturing process, or launch it on the market. Much like the three prototype versions above, you are likely going to have numerous drafts of each one. The more your sketch, DIY, or 3D print is emphasized, the closer you’ll get to the final product without going over your budget.

Product Design Engineer

To ensure the product continues to align with the concept, inventors must always be tweaking, perfecting, and realigning their design. Hiring a prototype design company will help immensely with the process. At GloberDesign, our experts will carefully walk you through each of these steps and help you work your way through it.