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The role of a product design company is integral to the success of your venture. You may have the most unique idea in the world that can become the next big thing. But unless your industrial design company manages to truly transform your idea into a perfect product then the idea cannot be capitalized upon.

A product design company is not just a consultant although all businesses hire a freelance or an independent industrial design company that doesn’t have any stakes in your business. In reality, a product design company needs to double up as your partner. Unless an industrial design company considers the idea and the eventual product to be its own, it is difficult to do justice to a concept and a vision.

GloberDesign is a product design company that not only takes up the entire accountability to realize your vision but also offers a complete turnkey solution.

GloberDesign engages in every facet of product design, right from conceptualization, concept sketches to mechanical engineering and patenting. The various phases of product design are all integral to the creation of the end product. While all stages are interrelated, it is also important to treat them in isolation so that the product design doesn’t falter in any way.

The cycle of product design commences with concept sketches. Experts at GloberDesign make the concept sketches which are then subjected to 3D modeling. Using CAD technology and other state of the art resources, the concepts are illustrated in 3D for better understanding of the design, features and functions of the product. The added dimension allows one to engage in the product design in a lifelike setting. Following the initial stages, prototyping of the sketches are carried out. It is in the prototyping phase that all mechanical engineering or industrial engineering and any other designing that are required specific to an industry, are carried out. Once all preproduction is done, it is also a task of the product design company to carry out tests and look for errors in the design or in the prototype product. After a prototype is successfully tested and improved as much as possible, GloberDesign as your product design company can assist you in patenting and mass production as well as logistics and other forays if you so desire.

With a good industrial design company working on your idea, your product can truly be what you had envisaged.