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GloberDesign is a leading company in Miami for product design, industrial design and prototyping. This company has designed a great number of successful and meaningful products for different clients. If you are looking for a reliable, authentic and expert product design Miami, industrial design Miami, or prototype Miami, look no further than here. GloberDesign has a team of highly qualified product and industrial design engineers.

Industrial design combines the art and science in order to update or improve a product so that it has more market value. Product design in the industrial sense is a process of combining factors of the way a product looks, functions and feels. A high quality design can greatly change the value of any product. This is why, most companies want to hire the best product design Miami and industrial design Miami to improve and update their products.

The main goal of GloberDesign is to create a favorable impression of all those products that it designs. A good product design not only contributes to building a favorable impression of a product, but also it reduces the production cost of the product. The team of GloberDesign consists of skilled designers and engineers that are specialized in designing the best products.  Product designers of this company have set up a detailed product development process that consists of five different phases. Let’s have a look at these five phases to understand the product design process of GloberDesign.

Phase I

In this phase, a team of industrial designs and product developers study the industry, markets, and the specific needs and desires of your customers.

Phase II

In this phase the product designers generate new concepts to fit your requirements.

Phase III

This phase involves a convergent process that is carried out to make necessary tweaks in the product design for further development.

Phase IV

This phase is called product engineering. In this phase product designers make sure that your product is manufacture-able with the selected materials and manufacturing process.

Phase V

This is a very interesting phase as it involves implementation. In this phase, your creative dreams and ideas are converted into tangible products. The industrial design engineers of GloberDesign work with your manufacturers to make sure that your product is manufactured the way it has been designed.

Prototype Miami is another important process that is done in every phase to validate the design of your product. This process confirms that your product’s design is perfect in its aesthetic appeal, functionality and comfort.