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GloberDesign is one of the leading product design companies in Florida. We combine your creative and innovative dreams with our engineering and aesthetics skills to create new products. We know the correct formula of the best industrial design Florida. This formula is very simple – add one part applied science, one part applied art, two parts aesthetics and ergonomics, and your new successful product is ready.

GloberDesign has a team of highly qualified product design engineers and specialists. They are specialized in turning your dream product into reality by using their expertise in product design Florida. We know all the secrets to convert preliminary concepts into stunning commercialized technological solutions. Our main focus is not only on providing our customers the best product and industrial design solutions, but also on adding value to the life of the consumers of these products.

We have set up a highly advanced product design Florida process. This process is far different from a traditional product design process used by our competitors. It is no surprise that technology is reshaping not only the users’ abilities, but also their expectations. The qualified industrial design engineers of GloberDesign know what they do.  Their main goal is to design meaningful products to give the best possible user experience to valued consumers.

If you have a product in mind and you want to give it a shape, or you want to improve the design of an existing product, GloberDesign generates ideas, develops concepts and performs testing to speed up market introduction. Our expert prototype engineers and designers are specialized in turning your branding ideas into successful tangible products. No other prototype Florida company offers high quality rapid prototyping like we do.

Our industrial design Florida process consists of different phases in a step-by-step methodology that ensures the high quality design solution for any type of product.

At GloberDesign, we start industrial design with investigation and research. In this phase, our industrial engineers study your industry, competition and target customers. In the next phase, the qualified product designers of GloberDesign generate concepts. Following conception generation is the design refinement. The next important phase is the product engineering. Each of these phases includes rapid prototyping that helps in validating the selected design along the way. Implementation is the final phase that involves a direct contact with your manufacturer to ensure that your product is manufactured correctly and it gets to market quickly.