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Do you have a dream product in mind and you want to convert that dream product into reality? If yes! Then Kicstarter can be your best friend. It is a unique website of its own kind that allows creative people to post descriptions of their dream products and get funds from interested people to convert their product into reality. GloberDesign can help you design the Kickstarter prototype of your dream product.

How Kickstarter Works?

A great number of people want to create their own products for different purposes, for example, Ben, a sports photographer, was unhappy with his camera strap as it was interfering with his work by whipping through air and flapping into the frame. This problem led Ben to find a permanent solution to avoid annoying camera strap. He talked to his friends and designed his own solution with the help of his friends. This solution was – C –Loop, which later became commercially available. Ben and his friends had no money to introduce their creation into the market, so they utilized Kickstarter’s wonderful opportunity and secured a good amount of funds that was well enough to introduce their creation into the market.  In simpler words, Kickstarter provides a solid platform to novice product designers and DIY manufacturers who have the ability to create innovative products, but don’t have sufficient funds to convert their product into reality and to launch it into the market for potential consumers. GloberDesign can help you with Kickstarter product development.

How GloberDesign Can Help You?

GloberDesign can help you design a prototype of your product that you can post on the Kickstarter to receive funds from interested people. From designing of the product prototype to Kickstarter development, GloberDesign provides complete assistance in every step of your product development and production. Kickstarter has a detailed Hardware and Product Design Project guidelines that every Kickstarter product designer should follow. GloberDesign can help you understand these guidelines for your Kickstarter product development. Also, it can help you design your Kickstarter prototype in accordance with these guidelines. In order to gain funding from Kickstarter, your Kickstart prototype should be as close as possible to the final production feel and quality. GloberDesign provides full assistance to help you with prototype and Kickstart development. With a fully functional Kickstarter prototype in hand, you’ll be able to promote your innovative product through videos and demonstrations.  The product designers and prototype designers of GloberDesign can help you meet the pre-sale goals required to move your innovative product to production weeks before the deadline.