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Congratulations! For your new invention. Have you thought about selling your invention to companies yet? Selling an invention is not as difficult as it may seem. It is a straightforward process and you can do it even if you don’t have prior experience in sales. You can learn this process yourself or you can hire a professional company like GloberDesign to sell your invention to companies to get monetary benefits. There are a few simple steps that are involved in selling an invention. GloberDesign can offer you full assistance for all of these steps. Let’s have a look at these steps.

Product Development

First of all, you will need to work on your product development. You will have to make sure that your new invention is up to the mark and it is being built according to the approved product design and expectations of your consumers. Product development consists of a series of small processes that are carried out to confirm the feel, appearance and functioning of your product. Rapid prototyping is done when the product is being developed to test and validate your invention’s functioning, feel and appearance. GloberDesign offers full assistance for product development and other processes.

Licensing a Patent

The second important step is licensing a patent. It is very important to patent your invention in order to make sure that other manufacturers and companies won’t steal your invention. Licensing a patent involves a legal written contract where the owner of the invention is the licensor. You grant rights to your patent to a licensee, the person who wants to license your patent. Licensing a patent can be a complex process for you and this is why it is advised to you to hire a professional invention marketing firm like GloberDesign.

Selling Your Invention

The final step is selling your invention. After licensing a patent, you are advised to create demand for your new product or invention from the grassroots. GloberDesign will build a successful sales strategy for your invention. This strategy will build up momentum from the ground in a methodical and efficient way. The pre-selling process usually begins with marketing of your invention to independent retailers and then moving up to the big chain stores.

In short, selling an invention is a straightforward process and being the inventor of your new product you are best qualified to sell it. However, you’ll need professional help at various steps of selling an invention and GloberDesign will provide you with the variety of services that you’ll need to start selling your invention.