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GloberDesign Wins A’ Design Award For Baby Blendy in Baby Products Category

When it comes to searching for the best product design companies, awards and accolades are verification that a company is worth further consideration. Awards not only add a spotlight to best designs and well-designed products but also those behind it all.

Recently, GloberDesign added another piece of hardware to the shelf, as we won the A’ Design Award for our design of the Baby Blendy in the Baby Products Category!


The A’Design Award and Competition is for designers, innovators, and companies that want to highlight themselves to attract the attention of the media, publishers, and buyers. The awards given in this competition underline the best designs and well-designed products, and only the top 20 percentile designs that exhibit an exemplary level of quality in the design are chosen as winners. Award-winning designs and products are highlighted internationally and are communicated to all relevant press across the world. The competition is organized and awarded annually in a wide range of categories. Being the winner of the award is a significant accomplishment, as there are among thousands of nominated designs from around the world.

The Product

The Baby Blendy is a safe and effective portable bottle blender system that uses rechargeable batteries to blend nourishing meals for children. The baby bottle blender can be used to mix powdered baby formula, rice, and oatmeal cereals in seconds. The primary design element is a built-in bottle blender that mixes formula in seconds, which also reduces foaming and air bubbles. Additionally, the bottle is designed with a bottom anti-colic air vent system that allows the milk to pass through the nipple smoother. The design features of this bottle eliminates air from the milk or formula so babies will not have to swallow it, which help prevent post feeding discomfort to babies.

Inventor Omar Gonzalez thought of the idea for this bottle blender system after witnessing milk being spilled everywhere once the top came off while it was being shaken. Knowing there must be another way to mix a baby bottle, Gonzalez teamed up with GloberDesign to turn his idea into reality.

With an ordinary bottle, you have to intensely shake it to mix the formula properly, which can cause various problems like leaving chunks of powder formula that will clog the bottle nipple, cause leakage, foaming, and air bubbles in the milk. Working alongside Gonzalez, our team was able to create a product that saves the parent time, mixes well for great taste, and helps prevent post feeding discomforts like gas, spit-up, and colic. The bottle blender was designed to be appealing to the eye as well as highly effective. For the sake of children’s safety, the bottle is mainly composed of Polypropylene plastic and silicone — the entire bottle and mixer are BPA free, Phthalates free, and PVC free. While the design process certainly came with its share of challenges, all obstacles were overcome to create the first and only portable baby bottle blender.

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