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This unique new product was developed by GloberDesign engineering team. The Process started with researching on available technologies and exploring material possibilities.

Next GloberDesign talented industrial designers came up with concept sketches on how to execute this wonderful design.

Then they transformed the concept product sketches into a 3D Computer model, which included all the parts and components of the invention.

With all the parts being fully engineered on the 3D CAD Model they used advanced rapid prototype technology which helped them to create a prototype – which is the first working model of this invention!
3D Cad into a working prototype miami

How exciting is that, in a matter of a few months, the designers and engineers of GloberDesign transformed an idea into an actual working product.

Hattrick was invented by Ben Johnson, which is currently looking for licensing opportunities for this unique invention. For more details visit: Hattrick Mobile Website