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How to create a product doesn’t have a quick short answer. Irrespective of what kind of product you wish to create, it is an extensive process and needs deft expertise to work on it. At GloberDesign, we believe it is how to create a product that can be a defining element of whether or not your product would be saleable.

Every product is born out of an idea and there are bound to be pros of any idea that is constructive or helpful in some way or the other. However, there are many more ways to go wrong than to go right with any how to create a product method. GloberDesign not only emphasizes but also stringently adheres to the best practice to create your product.

Product Design

Before you think of making the product, you need to have the idea conceptualized and illustrated. This is what a product design is. A product design is the representation of your idea, thoughts, plans, aspirations and all that you can think of about a product well documented in an image or notes. Product design is the key to having the finest product, in any category, since this is where it starts from.


Prototyping is the stage that comprises of everything that is needed to transform the product design to the first sample of the product. Without prototyping, it is impossible to ascertain whether or not the product design can be transformed to something real and if it would do what it is expected to do.


Once the first prototype is ready, the sample or model has to be manufactured. If the product is not exactly a device or tool, for instance if it is an interior décor idea or a web design, then they still need to be created to see how it shapes up.


Once the prototype is manufactured, it is tested for its functionalities, features, efficiencies and shortcomings. If the prototype appears to be perfect then it can go into production.


if there are room for improvement then one has to go back to the product design phase or prototyping to amend the errors or to better the specifications.


Once the samples have been tested to perfection and there is no room for improvement, only then does a product go into mass production.

At GloberDesign, we strive to meticulously abide by each and every major and minor stage of product development to ensure the best results.