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Molds are special containers which are used for casting and producing parts of a product with desired shape or size. The process for manufacturing molds is also known as Molding. A Mold is commonly known as a die. In the field of Plastic Molding, a mold plays a very important part. GloberDesign offers the best molding solutions at an affordable price.

Basically, a mold is hollow vessel which is used to give shape to the plastic. The hot molten plastic is poured into the mold of the required shape and it is set for some time. This gives us the plastic part shaped up according to the requirement of the product. Other than plastic, it is also used for shaping up metal and glass. Molding is of various forms. Some of the important molding processes are Blow Molding, Plastic Molding, Injection Molding, Foam Molding and there are few others which exist. These molding processes differ from one another on the basis of their mechanism.

Hence, Molding is an important part of product manufacturing. Now, If you are wondering about how to make a mold, here are a few easy and simple steps that you may follow in order to make a mold.


MATERIALS REQUIRED: Foam Board, Glue, Measuring rulers and tapes, Pencils, Mold Material such as Rubber or Plaster of Paris ( although Rubber is more widely used), a knife, clay and paint.


1. The first step is to make sure about the kind of mold you want to make. Before knowing how to make a mold , you should be sure about the kind of mold that you want to make. Keep all the details about the type which you want to make, whether it has one, two or three parts, which material is best suited to make that kind of mold.

2. Take a note of all the measurement. Note down the length, volume, width, height and area of the product for which you want to make a mold.

3. Next step is to make a container. This container is just like a box which will be based on the measurements that you took in the previous step. Using a foam board and glue, make a container. Make sure you keep the product’s length, width and height in mind while doing so.

4. Next step consists of the setting part. Suppose your product consists of two parts, for such a mold you need to apply clay on the bottom of the container and then press the object onto  it until it leaves a clean impression on the clay.

5. The material you want your mold to be of, suppose rubber, mix the contents as per given directions and proportions.

6. Pour this mixture onto the clay in the container you has made. Also put the clay around the object before doing so.

7. Let it take it’s time to set.

8. After the instructed time, the mold is all set to be used, you can remove the product from it by using a knife very carefully.

These were some very easy steps to help with how to make a mold.

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