How to identify the quality of Professional 3D Printing Service near me

How to identify the quality of Professional 3D Printing Service near me

3D printing is the process of creating usually a plastic object from a digital model on the computer. Sometimes you can use metal or some composite material to create an object too. Layers of plastic are added to the printer one after the other. Therefore, it is also called additive manufacturing. To identify the quality of professional 3D services near you, you have to look at the following qualities in your printer and the printed output.


3D printing should be precise and accurate. It should depict all the complexities and fine details that you wanted in the first place. This is especially important while you are printing intricate machinery parts, etc.


Resolution is another important factor that you should look for while checking the quality of professional 3D printing services near you. The resolution of the printed output should be great, to say the least. A good quality professional 3D printer can print in resolutions as low as 3 microns thin.


If the surface of the printed object is smooth, then the quality of printing is ok. The surface of the printed output should be smooth and fine. Otherwise, you will have to smoothen the surface using other methods. This will cost you more time and money.

The material used for printing

If you use a low-grade material the quality of printing will suffer. The hardness and the strength of the printed object depend on the quality of the material you use for printing. Low-quality material can also affect the working of the printer itself.

Size of the printer

The quality of the 3D printing depends a lot on the size of the printer as well. Professional-grade 3D printers are big and bulky. They can weigh up to 150 kilograms. This is because they are designed to handle complicated tasks and offer a lot of features. Therefore, their output is of good quality too.

Printing software

The printing software used for printing also impacts the quality of printing. Most 3D printers use their own printing software that offers a range of features. You should check them out before handing out the printing job so that you know which one will be best suited for your printing job.Printing software

The thickness of layer

The smaller the thickness of the layer, the better will be the quality of the print. However, with thin layers, the printing job will take a longer time to finish. Not all 3D printers have the capability to print in thin layers though. Only high-end 3D printers may be able to do that.

Printing in multiple colors

Most printers have the option of printing in one color only. If you want a multi-colored printing result, then you have to change the material from time to time. A multi-colored 3D printing is therefore an indication of a high-quality printing job.

3D printing is a complex procedure. You can check the quality of 3D printing by employing certain criteria. To get the most out of your 3D printing, you have to choose the right kind of 3D printer.