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iGROW Product Development by Globerdesign Company

Growing cannabis at home is a fantasy that has finally become true through product development. iGROW technology, the first-ever home ecosystem for growing cannabis makes it easier and cheaper to grow your cannabis right at your home ecosystem. The technology is based on a fully automated grow box that will make it possible to grow cannabis in the comfort of your home. However, there are many homegrown boxes that flood the market and it is difficult to distinguish the chaff from good products.

Advantages of the iGROW product

The technology is addressing a challenge faced by most of us. Most people are often busy and do not possess the art of gardening particularly in crops such as cannabis. This is because cannabis growing requires high-quality seedlings, knowledge, and expertise. Besides, the existing homegrown boxes are bulky and too big. Most of them are copycats of each other. Besides, most of the ones with high-level technologies are often very expensive to the average customers. All these hurdles have been overcome by this new technology.

The iGROW uses the first patent-pending ultrasonic fogponic based fully automated grow-box. The technology does not use any running water or soil. It instead utilizes ultrasonic fog to optimize its performance. This gives cannabis a faster growth cycle and better yields while taking up significantly small spaces and utilizing minimum water. The system has been designed to cost less compared to other homegrown technologies.

The product development procedure took about 20 months of research and development to ensure the perfection of the prototype. During this period the company word in collaboration to ensure a working prototype was achieved. The companies final step will support the finalization of product design and establish a new company In the US to ensure its continuous manufacture.

The technology comes in hand since the global market is designed to reach USD 73.6 billion by the year 2027. This is a result of the increased legalization of cannabis in the medical and recreation industry. In the US for example, 12 states have legalized the use of cannabis for recreation with more than 272 million consumers. According to the current regulations, one individual is allowed to grow between 3 to 6 plants in their home.

iGROW Product Development

The iGROW technology faces competition from other product development products that use the off-the technology system. Being the only unique custom made irrigation technology; the innovative product can healthily compete in the markets. The iGROW technology is expected to match up with other smart indoor gardening systems. This is fueled by the belief that a well-designed box should be easy to place in the living room something that cannot be achieved with the existing systems.

To reach a big number of consumers, the company will sell its products through retail and online stores as well as in cannabis dispensaries. The company projects that the retail price of this new product development procedure should cost approximately $765 per unit. The purchases can be done through monthly subscriptions of $9.99 or a 48 months subscription of $29.99. The package includes unique nutripods.