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Innovative Force Behind Great Ideas: GloberDesign

Upper Desk is a company that is creating new houseware elements that will make your life easier and more efficient, and GloberDesign is there to provide them with creative aid all the way. Just recently, this amazing company has received a well-deserved award for the creativity on the IHHS, a popular international show for home and houseware. Awards on this show are a sign of high accomplishment, as there are thousands of new products exposed for the first time on this show.


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GloberDesign has  taken part in branding the successful creative products, portable cabinet mount being one of the stars on the already mentioned international show. This product is ideation creation to help you work easier on your tablets and Smartphone’s of up to 14 inches. You can use it at home, in your office, or on any other location where you have a cabinet or a shelf. Basically, it can be used anywhere and the placement is as simple and easy as it can be, and this was the most important idea behind it: simplicity and innovation. In order to find more about this amazing product that will surely become popular worldwide in no time, check out all the details, including the technical data on the site:

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Product packaging is another important element in the production process, and this is an element that in GloberDesign is also taken seriously. Creativity in this process, although not always considered important at all, can save lots of money for your business, and we are urging you to reconsider your packaging. We are sure that you will understand how much you can save, and make your production more cost-effective and efficient when you invest in simple and economic packaging solutions. At GloberDesign, you will find a creative force that will create the best packaging solution for your products, no matter how large or small they are.

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