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Wil Ramirez is the inventor behind the Lazy Keys had a vision for a fully automated key organizer, which functions in a similar matter to a Swiss army knife.  At that point he engaged in business with GloberDesign to develop a functional prototype of the Lazy Keys.
Our Industrial Design Studio has developed the Lazy Key with a spring loaded design. With a click of a button it releases a set of keys. Not only that but it also includes an LED light that would assist the user to locate the key socket, and therefore help at night time.

Product Design

The Design Process.

The inventor has came to us with a simple sketch, Our product design team then analyzed the client’s sketch and we came up with a few various solutions on how to achieve the best desired design. Our Product Engineers inspected both the function of the design and the esthetics of the invention.

Product Design

The Team later converted the chosen design sketch into a 3D Computer model; also known as CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) At this stage we put together all the parts into the virtual model. This included the plastic parts, Mechanical engineering design and the electronic components. This helped the product design team and the inventor a better understanding on how the overall product would like and function.

Product Design

Product Design 3D Computer Model CAD for Prototype

Product Design Computer Virtual Rendering

Once both the inventor and the product design engineers were happy with the results; they created the first sample of the Lazy Keys. The first sample is also called a product prototype. A prototype is made in a different method than a regular final product is made. The engineering team used advanced 3D Printers and CNC machines to cut into shape all the various part of the design, and after a few weeks they achieved the final result: A Fully Functional Prototype.
Product Design
Wil Ramirez the inventor of the Lazy Keys is now running a Kickstarter campaign to help him raise the capital which is needed for mass production and raising the seed money to start his own company off his brilliant design. For more details and to pre-purchase the invention visit the Lazy Keys Kickstarter page by clicking here.

Product Design

Kickstarter Prototype Creation and Assistance