Invention design and 3D

A CAD design is an effective way to render your invention. Gone are the times when designing a new invention meant paperwork like drawings and sketches. While we still cannot eliminate pen and paper from the process completely 3D CAD design has revolutionized the whole process of showcasing your invention and for good reason.

What is a 3D CAD design?

A 3D CAD design is the rendering of your invention’s design with the help of the computer. CAD stands for computer-aided design or computer-aided drafting. You use the tools provided by the computer to bring to life your invention. It has multiple benefits and it can come very close to your idea or design.

The process of a CAD design

Every great invention starts with an idea in the mind. You bring that idea to life using sketches on the paper or you can head to a specialist who will help you create your vision in a three-dimensional drawing. Some many specialist firms or individuals can do this service for you. If you want a more competitive offer, you can head online to any freelance marketplace and advertise your requirements for rending a 3D design. You will receive an overwhelming response where many 3D CAD design experts from around will be willing to help you in your endeavor at very competitive rates. You can choose any of the routes you like and discuss with the expert what you have in mind. He will follow your instructions and come up with a life-like design of your idea in 3D format.

The process of a CAD design

3D CAD design is now the norm in the industry. Almost everything you see or use nowadays is first made in 3D CAD. There is much-specialized software for CAD. You can scale a design to over ten-thousandth of an incredible inch, to say the least.

We will now look at some of the benefits of 3D CAD

Rapid prototyping

You can quickly develop the prototype of your product or your invention through 3D CAD design. It will also be processed easily and quickly by the manufacturing department.


You can view your invention in 3D down to the minutest details. You can rotate the image, move it upside down, reverse it and of course zoom it. In this way, it becomes very easy to make any changes, adjustments, in the design and remove the flaws. Before 3D CAD everything was made on paper, again and again, to come up with the best possible rendering.

Better presentation

You can present your prototype made in 3D CAD to your customer or potential investor and he will easily follow it through. Before that, you would have to give him hand-made 2D or 3D drawings and spend time helping him decipher them. Now a 3D image is right before the eyes with everything shown clearly.

3D CAD design is the way to the future. It has made designing and manufacturing so much easy and simple. It will continue to evolve and develop further.