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Product design is a process by which a new product which is developed can be sold by a product design firm or a company to its customer. It includes effective and efficient use of ideas and procedures which when implemented; lead to the development of new product. The steps included in product development are product design conceptualization, evaluating of ideas and then converting those ideas into products. In order to carry out the product design; a product designer is required who can combine the art, science and technology to create a 3D product. The 3D products are developed by using the digital tools and software that are available which the designers use to communicate, visualize and analyse the idea and this process is called as product ideation. Product Design 3D modelling is when the designer creates a new product with 3D CAD drawings.

Unlike industrial design which is more concentrated towards the artistic form and usability of the product and its craft design; product design is more on the working of the product and how similar it is to the theoretical information. Together the product design and the industrial design are required while releasing the product in the market.

Product design includes a group of people or engineers from different field of expertise who help in creating the product by making prototypes, analysing and testing it, observing its features and then commercialising it. The product design has become popular in the society with the vast population of Product design coming from China. There are many Product design company which are spread worldwide and are helping in developing new and sophisticated products.