Product Design Engineer Explains Product Design Process in 3 Stages

Product Design Engineer Explains Product Design Process in 3 Stages

Designing a new product involves many efforts and steps, but the Product Design Engineer broadly explains the product design process in three main stages. In this post, let us look at each process and what and all tasks are involved in each stage.

Brainstorming and research

The first stage in product design is generating product ideas. In this stage, you need to gather your team and brainstorm to get as many ideas possible. Based on the feasibility and viability of the idea, you need to rule out the ideas and screen them. Doing research and study of customer needs and problems can help you in generating ideas. Many times the problems will help you in getting the brilliant product idea. Once the screening of ideas is done, reduce the ideas to a maximum of ten. Then you need to take feedback from the business consultant; it will help to analyze the cost and remove the expensive business ideas.

In this phase, conduct online surveys and list out potential taglines, advertising campaign ideas, etc. Analyzing competitors is also essential in this stage to project the economic benefit you get from your idea.

Concept development and prototyping

Once the screening process is finished, you should have a handful of ideas. It would help if you made a blueprint by considering all things at this stage, and it should be comprehensive before creating prototypes. One needs to access the costs required for designing, producing, packing, advertising, and distribution for the winner of your list. The cost should include the capital and human resources required for manufacturing the products. One should also take note of legal considerations to build a strong business.

The next step is to produce the prototypes. The prototype design is the stage where your idea will take physical shape. The small-scale production of prototypes or approximate mock products will help get a fair idea about your actual product. If your product is software, the beta versions and its tests are conducted in this stage. Based on the feedback and requirements received in this phase, the required tweaks and developments are made before moving to large-scale production.

Product roll-out and iteration

Product roll-out and iteration

At this stage, your MVP is launched. This stage is also called the commercialization of products by entering into the marketplace. The first release can be produced with fewer features to generate revenue and improve with the next releases. At this juncture, all your supporting staff should be ready. The support team, such as technical and customer support, should be ready to answer or tackle the issues. The pricing, distribution mode, and other things should be determined before releasing the final version of the product. Utilize the previous research and surveys to conduct promotional strategies.


These are the important steps you can hear from a Product Design Engineer about product design. These are the broad categories of the product design process, and there are many things and tasks that come between these three steps.