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When trying to launch a new invention to the market place, one must go through a design and development process. Launching a new consumer goods product to the market requires many resources. Glober Design could help you through the product design and development process. We are voted the best design company in the south east region of the USA. We could help you with your product Design & Prototyping Service in Florida. We have clients from all over the USA and all over the world. The Design Process includes the following stages:

Research & Patent Search – We provide our clients with research on competition, materials, processes, mechanics, electronics market place, ergonomics and related patent search .

Ideation Sketches – Our Talented Industrial Designers will lay down initial product sketches of your invention. This will include variations on how to achieve the desired design.

3D CAD Modeling – Our Team of CAD experts will create a 3D Computer Model of your product idea. This will include a full 360 degrees of the product with all the parts, mechanics and electronics.

Prototype – Our Prototyping service is located in South Florida. We could create for you a 1 to 1 first initial physical, functional and working model of your invention. We could create a prototype using various materials such as: Plastics, Silicones, Metals, Glass, Fabrics and more. We could also create electrical PCB Boards for you.

Patent – We could asstist you with creating drawings and a rough draft, and connect you with our excellent patent attorney which could submit the patent application for you.

Sourcing – We have many connections with various factories in the USA, China and worldwide. We could get you manufacturing quotes & shipping for you.

Packaging – Our excellent Graphic Designers could create for you unique and amazing package design. We can make your product stand out on the retail shelves.

Marketing Materials – Once you have your product ready for launch our marketing team could help you build an Ecommerce website to display and sell your products online. They could also assist you in creating a catalogue, business cards, letter heads and more.

Licensing – Don’t have the funds, resource or time to manufacture and distribute your product. No problem, our team of marketing experts could help you find potential manufacturers that would lease your idea, manufacture, market it and in return would give you percentage of their sales.

Whether you are an individual inventor or a small company trying to launch a new product invention, our team of experts could help you!
Don’t let your precious idea sink in your drawer, let Glober Design help you with your new invention!

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