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The In1Case holds a surprise on every surface. It’s not just a phone case. It’s also a brilliant and functional multi tool with a myriad of uses. Its concept and design brought to life by the team here at GloberDesign. The In1Case is at the forefront of innovative design and speaks to the new and different ways everyday objects can be transformed to provide greater functionality and purpose. We do not take these tasks lightly and we strive to stay one step ahead of the competition. With every other kid with a computer calling themselves a designer, we provide a team of skilled artisans to craft and create the next wave of amazing concepts and designs.

cthroughMaking Dreams Reality

GloberDesign took the concept of an all in one phone case and turned it into reality. An all purpose phone case designed to be durable yet functional, was set in motion by the concept sketches and 3D rendering skills of GloberDesign’s talented team of artists. We saw the potential of the In1Case and made that a reality.

beneton2What is it?

The In1Case is a beautifully sleek phone case, but its hiding a secret. The In1Case hides within its shell two screwdrivers, two ball point pens, a nail file, tweezers, scissors, and a kickstand. No, we’re not talking about a Swiss army knife here! We are talking about the latest and greatest in functionality and innovative design.

iphone case product design miami
iphone case product design miami

GloberDesigns Contributions

GloberDesigns contributed design concept sketches, 3D CAD, and packaging design assistance to In1Case. We are at the forefront of 3D rendering and this project was a perfect fit. Literally! How would all of these pieces fit into the framework of a phone case and still be stylish and functional? Not a problem for the folks here at GloberDesign. This is what we do.