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If you are looking for a reliable company that can secure and patent your innovative design before its duplication, then look no further as GloberDesign has some of the best certified attorneys and patent agents they work with who can help you patent your product.

What do we exactly mean by product patent?

A patent is basically a legal document given to a person or organization, after the invention of a unique product that has never been seen or heard before. The validity of a product patent, in US laws, is for twenty years from the day it has filed its first application.

Why is product patent important?

The acquisition of a product patent debars other person or organization from the right to copy the invented product or declare the product as its own. The patent also gives the right to prevent the product from being sold or imported. In case of any infringements or violation of the rules of product patent, the inventor can take the case to the Court and charge violation compensation from the accused.

Another important reason to patent the idea or produce is that in case you want to sell your innovative product or idea, you can attach a certain amount of monetary value to it.

GloberDesign’s role in Product Patenting

If you want to patent your product GloberDesign will help you in every stage of patenting. The first stage is to perform the US patent search. This will help you identify whether you should invest your money to patent your product or not.

The second stage, GloberDesign will help you draft the patent drawings and will forward it to a patent agent or attorney which will send the application to US Patent Office. The qualified attorneys thatGloberDesign works with will also file a response in favor of your product patent.

Not only will GloberDesign help you find the right agent for your patent application for your product, it will also support your product with a patent drawing. It is basically an illustration of your product in art form. In US law it is mandatory to submit a patent drawing as it will help in better understanding of the product for the judiciaries.

A patent drawing should show all the features of the product. It has to be a graphic representation of the model. The patent drawing should be incorporated within the mentioned size of paper, paper margin and various other details as mentioned in the US law. GloberDesign team takes effective care of the entire patent drawing procedure of its clients.

GloberDesign can provide you with a 3 dimensional layout of the product patent. The 3d modeling is far better than the 2d designs as it gives a better view to the product patent. It helps the observer easily understand the ideas involved in making the object and also the operations involved in the product.

Clients who have patented their product through GloberDesign drawings bear a testimony of our efficient and hard working team and also the superior standard of our work procedure.