Is a Production Engineer or Product Design Engineer better?

Is a Production Engineer or Product Design Engineer better?

Product Design Engineer is a profession focused on those creative people who conceive, design, and manage products that are oriented to satisfy the end-user and the conditions of industrial production.

On the other hand, a Production Engineer is a professional who specializes in devising and designing machinery, structures, and new industrial products.

Its mission is to ensure that the idea can be put into practice, that it works, and that it meets the expectations with which it had been projected. For this, their work has to take into account technical, functional, safety, efficiency, cost, and respect for the environment.

Let us find out who is better?

Professional profile of Production Engineer:

Production engineers are responsible for designing products and structures such as trains, airplanes, medical equipment, agricultural and industrial machinery, household products, telecommunications systems, or structures such as bridges. For this reason, they must meet personal and professional skills that will facilitate the performance of their duties. Among them are:

  • Practical and scientific mindset
  • Numerical skills and spatial ability
  • Psychomotor coordination
  • Knowledge of materials, tools, and processes
  • Analysis and synthesis capacity
  • Skills for drawing, sculpture, or architecture
  • Creativity and experimentation capacity to design new products and structures
  • Ability to solve problems and know how to make decisions
  • Patience, perseverance, rigor, and flexibility to modify the project to achieve the goal set
  • Management of ICT tools and systems
  • Communication skills to explain your ideas and work techniques
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to work in teams and pressure situations
  • Supervisory skills

Professional profile of Product Design Engineer:

For the Product Design Engineer, the objects of study are technical artifacts where the first condition to intervene is the function that it carries out about a subject. To better understand the function, the Engineer performs a functional analysis on the product, identifying the actions he performs and the flows of energy, matter, or information.

Those who enter these programs should possess creativity and imagination. Analysis, synthesis, observation, and deduction skills.

Interest in knowing the technologies applied to the generation of machinery, as well as the use and transformation of materials and energy in different ways.

Professional profile of Product Design Engineer

The ability for abstract reasoning and logical-mathematical processes. Aptitude for the management of physical and human resources and teamwork. Adequate preparation in mathematics and physics.

The Product Design Engineer can specify a new technical device by going through all the activities that are specific to a product design process in Engineering.

The Product Design Engineer has skills in the application of design methodologies, conceptual design tools such as analysis of functional structures of the product, and also criteria for the control and definition of its formalization.

Mastery of oral, written, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional communication systems to generate ideas for new products, ability to express the formal features of the product through hand drawing, and to specify the functional and formal aspects through the use of state-of-the-art computational tools. generation.

In the conclusion, we must say that Production is more hands-on problem solving and less technical. Generally, it would be easier to move from the Design area to the Production area. But it is tough to move from the Production area to the Design area. So, there will be no such thing as which is better?