How Can the Best Prototype Companies Reduce Rapid Prototyping Costs?

How Can the Best Prototype Companies Reduce Rapid Prototyping Costs?

If you are wondering how the Best Prototype Companies reduce rapid prototyping costs, you are here at the right place.

Within 3D printing, we find that depending on the technology we use, we must accommodate the part in a certain position to either obtain the best finish or resistance.

But what if we want to optimize our parts to save cost and time and support material. This is where DFAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) comes in, with which it helps us change the design of our parts and thus optimize them to reduce construction times and use of support material, bringing this as a benefit, cost reduction, and production as fast.

1. Change the circular holes for square ones:

Making this change brings us a great benefit since the support material is eliminated when making holes in our pieces, as can be seen in the image in circular holes, the support material is always present. But if we change the geometry in our design to a drop of water or square, we eliminate the support material in this part.

2. Add Chafers:

Best Prototype Companies make sure to add Chafers into their designs. By adding chamfers to our pieces, we would also be eliminating the support material, which brings us a great saving of time when manufacturing a product. In this way, we make our production of pieces more efficient, being able to reduce by 1 hour to 30 minutes of construction in our pieces.

3. Change Self Support Angle:

Changing the Self-Support Angle is also a great benefit since if we play with this Angle in our design, we can eliminate the support material completely, thus speeding up the manufacture of parts, which brings us the benefit of making faster and larger deliveries.

This type of optimization has to be carried out in our 3D CAD software since the printers’ software does not allow us to modify the designs, for which it is necessary to have good 3D design skills.

4. Section pieces:

Sectioning pieces brings us a great advantage, we went from having to last several hours of production, to only doing it in minutes.

Section pieces

The reason for this is that by sectioning key parts of the piece, we will be reducing the time considerably, which brings us a benefit when it comes to producing parts volume.

5. Assemblies in a single step:

With the advantages of 3D printing, Best Prototype Companies can create assembled parts in a single step, instead of having to print several parts and perform an assembly and gluing. Also, we can create this assembly in a single print, saving us post-processing time, since with the help of soluble support materials we can create these pieces.

The most important thing to consider to make these assemblies is that we must be aware of the tolerances of our printer. So, to leave those gaps and obtain mobile assemblies in a single print, we must analyze the tolerances of our printer and add them to our 3D design. So that, in this way we can print complete assemblies much faster.